Meet Hip-hop & R&B Creative, RiverKnight

Don’t give up and don’t ever doubt yourself. — RiverKnight

Born and raised in Atlanta, GA, Riverknight is visionary and a goal-driven creative with a purpose of starting a movement through his music. He recorded for the first time back in 2013 and started writing songs his entire life. What speaks from his soul applies to his lyrics. His music speaks volumes and he uses his lyrics as a way to uplift people and get them motivated. He construct his own lines with his own poems and will eventually form into full hooks and verses.

Now if we can, I’d like to go way back for a little while. Where did you grow up? What was it like to grow up in Gwinnett County?

I grew up in Gwinnett County in an area called Snellville which is somewhat of an urban/suburban area. I lived in Gwinnett County my entire life. I was pretty much out there and always outgoing. Living in Snellville was an eye-opening experience as well; you know, I watched the community go from being really pleasant and peaceful, and to now witnessing violence, like parties getting shot up down the street. I don’t think Snellville is a bad place, in general it teaches me to motivate myself to do better for not only myself but to break this stigma of violence for the community overall.

What inspired your entrepreneurial journey or event?

My oldest brother Royal inspired me to get into music. He was always playing instruments really loud in the house. I used to go from “turn that noise down” to “can you play that one beat again?” My mother also inspired me. She was always into the arts like reading and writing poetry. Just the combination of hearing the melodies from my brother’s music and my mother’s creative writing now really did have a big influence on me gravitating towards music.

Tell me about what problem your music solves?

For me, my music is a release and it’s a form of therapy. It is also a way to be able to express myself in various ways. When things would get difficult and I wasn’t in a very strong mental state, I would turn to songwriting. Writing songs started off as a way to kind of forget the harsh reality of the world for me. We all deserve a break from the world sometimes. Writing songs started off as an escape for me. I always felt free of judgement and safe so music solves my everyday problems directly and/or indirectly!

What do you define as failure?

I don’t really believe in failure. A homeless man could tell you he’s successful because he is at peace and wakes up happy everyday whereas certain congressmen might think they failed for not having a bill passed. Failure is subjective.

What have you felt you have failed at? What might you have done to prevent those failures?

Since I’m just beginning, it’s kind of hard to say where and what I’ve failed in as of right now. I know as I continue with my dreams, I will face some hardships and obstacles along the way. As we continue our journey in life, we all make mistakes, and there’s nothing wrong with that. As long as we do learn from those mistakes and gain more knowledge, that’s all that matters. Your thoughts can quickly become your reality. The power of the tongue is a gift and a curse so be mindful of what you say about yourself and others.

What kind of impact do you want your music to leave on your listener?

I want people who listen to my music to be able to understand that there’s a voice inside of me that needs to be heard. I truly believe that everyone has a voice that needs to be heard. Music is art, and art is a form of self-expression. What’s really great is that there are no limits to self-expression! You can express yourself through poetry, writing, signing, dancing, and so on. The kind of impact that I want to leave on others whether it be a client, reader, or average person is that you have a voice too. I want people to understand that my music is to uplift my voice, and it’s here to encourage others to uplift theirs too.

What is your why? Why you did you start your journey?

I started this journey because not only did I want to find myself, music was a way to express myself with no limits. There were no boundaries. Music is something that brings us all together, and I felt this connection that allows me to not only heal myself but to heal others. I want to live a life with great heights and no limits! In a time where I was lost and mentally/spiritually impaired making music saved me!

What hurdles did you personally face and how did you overcome them?

One thing that I can say is that I used to care too much about other people’s opinions. If someone had told me that they didn’t like my song or that it sounded bad, it stuck with me for weeks. I then realized that I’m doing this for them; I’m doing this for me. In this industry, there are going to be people who either like what you produce or say that they don’t like it. And that’s fine by me. This is my dream, and I am the author of my story.

Do you feel your product met the needs of the market at the time of conception? Does it still?

My music does a good job of keeping up with the trends of the now and the wonders of the future. I always try to find different strategies like finding what’s trending on tik tok, figure out ways I can attract an audience and ways to get my listeners to relate to my music.

When did you realize entrepreneurship was right for you?

When I first attended college in the fall, I noticed that everyone was ready to become doctors, lawyers, nurses, teachers, engineers, and I was in class with them trying to figure out what I had wanted to do. I was working on getting my music monetized on SoundCloud at the time. I was also working on putting my music on Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, and any other streaming service that you can think of. At that point, I was like maybe I should chase my dreams since the people next to me are chasing theirs. So that’s what I’m doing, just pursing my music and not give up.

Why did you choose entrepreneurship?

I chose to be my own boss for my music. I choose to follow my dreams because you really only live once, and life is what you make it, and making music is something that I enjoy doing. I’d rather spend the rest of my life doing something that I enjoy than anything else.

What advice do you have for entrepreneurs and small business owners who may not be achieving their goals?

Don’t give up and don’t ever doubt yourself. Even though I came from a show where the entire world judged me, I didn’t let that phase me. I would just say to block out the outside noise and continue to work your hardest to get to where you need to be.

What would you say is your most driving motivation to keep doing what you to do?

What keeps me going is that I know I am somebody who has a passion for what I believe in. People would tell me that I can’t or I won’t ever be somebody, but I know who I am, and I am doing this for me. I want to show the world I’m not some guy from 90 Day Fiancé, but to show the world I am a creative and a motivator. I want them to see me as Riverknight, the artist.

What are you most excited or passionate about? (In both business and life or both)

I am most passionate about my dreams and making my music. With hard work and dedication, I know I can be where I want to be. I’m just beginning, and I am excited to see what the future holds for me.

What are the goals you most want to accomplish in your business? What are the goals that you hold personally?

I don’t really like to discuss the goals that I set because I believe that people who have high goals and expectations should “move in silence.” I set my goals for myself, and I give myself high expectations. There are people out there who are not going to want what’s best for you. I don’t want people putting out negative energy once they hear about my goals. Some people are going to wish for your downfall; they are going to have their opinion, but at the end of the day as long as you are set, and your goals are being achieved, that’s all that matters.

Did you have any key mentors or people who deeply influenced who you are, what you believe in and what you’re committed to in your work and life? Tell me about them.

I don’t have any mentors it was all trial and error with me learning how to switch my cadence, learning how to construct a complete song or Project. I learned it on my own journey, still growing and learning.

Did you have any life-changing experiences that put you on the path that led you to be doing what you’re doing today? Tell me about them.

I’ve had a few life changing experiences however these stories can not be told by just one person so out of respect for the others involved I can’t say much. All I know is is that it made me who I am today and even more stronger than I was yesterday.

What’s next for you in your brand? What can readers look forward to from you?

I’ve released a new single called “Her Block” on 4/23! I have a lot of strong females in my family so I just thought it would be unique if I made a song about a tough/strong woman who’s fearless I plan to release a lot of music this year I’m barely getting started! So get ready!!!

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