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Focus on the end and work backwards. Enjoy the process. Even the parts that don’t feel good. Your goals are YOURS to set and achieve. Pace yourself. — Maleeka Hollaway

I had the most amazing opportunity to chat with Founder, CEO of The Official Maleeka Group and Publicist Maleeka Hollaway. She is a business powerhouse that is helping CEOs to find their voice and share their knowledge with others.

Now if we can, I’d like to go way back for a little while. Where did you grow up?

I was born in Atlanta, GA at Grady Memorial Hospital..however, I spent the first few years of my life in Selma, Alabama. If you know anything about American history, specifically the Civil Rights Movement in the South, then Selma is one of the pillar cities. When I think of my childhood, I smile. We spent all day outside. I was surrounded by family and friends. Church every other day was a non-negotiable. I’m thankful to have had everything I wanted and needed.

What inspired your entrepreneurial journey or event?

As a publicist and a media maven, I started the Social Proof Success brand as my give-back to bootstrapping entrepreneurs. I did not want cost to be a barrier for them as they worked to build their brands for more visibility and credibility. The brand started off as an online Facebook community. Now there is a monthly membership and now virtual and live events! We have our first virtual/live event coming up January 15–16, 2021 — Social Proof Success Live. I called in some of the biggest names in business media to help me pull it off. And I’m so excited to bring this to my audience.

Tell me about what problem your business solves?

My agency, The Official Maleeka Group, LLC., is affectionately known as The OMG, is a full-service public relations and brand communications agency specializing in business lifestyle and entrepreneurship. The Social Proof Success brand I mentioned is under this company. Our bread and butter is working with CEOs who want to set into the spotlight and stop hiding behind their companies. They have a wealth of knowledge and insight to share; they often don’t have the time to do the work themselves to find and secure opportunities to boost their personal brands. That’s where we come in. I adore working with my small business owners. Before we take on new clients, we first have to be in love with the person and what they stand for. I have found that successful entrepreneurs have the most engaging personal stories that make me want to help them get the message out to the masses. The clients we work with help make complex business principles simple. Just like what we aim to do with our PR work. We make brand communications simple.

What do you define as failure?

I define failure as giving up. I also think that failure is represented in the eye of the beholder. As long as you are working towards something and doing all you can to make it happen, no matter what the end result may be, you’re not a failure.

Do you feel your product met the needs of the market at the time of conception? Does it still?

Yes! Our agency services and our brand meet the needs of our clients tremendously. I spent a lot of my time educating on the ins and outs of the industry to demystify what public relations is and the power it can have on a person or business. In my opinion, one of the biggest challenges in the PR world is the management of expectations. Many times those so-called professionals in our industry do not have a robust understanding of all the things we can do to support our clients therefore there is a lot of over-promising and under-delivering. In addition, with digital marketing and social media marketing on the rise, the pubic often limits our abilities to being a glorified social media manager. We stay in our lane and focus on our one thing which is PR.

What advice do you have for entrepreneurs and small business owners who may not be achieving their goals?

Focus on the end and work backwards. Enjoy the process. Even the parts that don’t feel good. Your goals are YOURS to set and achieve. Pace yourself.

Maleeka T. Hollaway is an award-winning publicist and entrepreneur and the founder of The Official Maleeka Group (affectionately known as The OMG), a full-service public relations and brand communications agency and Social Proof Success™, a brand offering practical and actionable DIY public relations solutions for entrepreneurs and small business owners. As her knowledge and expertise has influenced over major 25 brands, you can see her published articles (and her clients) in and on MSN, Forbes, Entrepreneur, The Good Men Project, Addicted 2 Success, Business Insider, Black Enterprise, and Essence. She has also worked with various companies, universities, and non-profit organizations in the areas of brand development, content creation, and public relations. Her goal is to support SBOs and entrepreneurs to position themselves to grow sustainable businesses and brands. |

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