Pretty Pieces Boutique launches collaboration with R&B Songstress Chrisette Michele

Photography: Rious Photography

There is only one way to describe Pretty Pieces Boutique — Ready and Ahead of the Curve! I had the chance to chat via Q&A with owner Nicole Banks about the new collaboration with R&B Songstress Chrisette Michele. She shared with me what this collaboration entails and means for Pretty Pieces Boutique.

What does this collaboration mean for Pretty Pieces?

This is the year of the Brown Skin Woman… This is our time and what better way to showcase that than this collab with the Chrisette Michele. She is an unmatched talent and I have been so honored to be able to witness her drive, passion and artistry at work. We are showing other brown girls what we can do when we come together as a team to reach the masses with imagery that looks like us, brought to us by us and curated for us.

How long have you been in business?

I’ve been in business for 6 and a half years. March 2021 will be the 7 year mark.

What inspired you to start your company?

My journey has seemingly been one hardship after another the start of my business was from a very difficult point in my life. I’d battled early stage Ovarian Cancer which lead to a full abdominal obstruction which ultimately led me here. My start was birthed from my desire to take what I loved and turn into a career.

Photography: Rious Photography

What do you want your customers to expect from this collection?

Updates on classic denim trends and staple pieces that they’ll wear time and time again. What lasting impression do you want to have on your customers? The lasting impression is the Pretty Pieces! Just like when you think of a louboutin you automatically think of the red bottom and you know you’re getting the best, I want that for pretty pieces so when they see that purple package they know they’re getting the best and I’m hand packing they’re packers with love and care’ When they think of a place to shop I want to make sure that pretty Pieces is top of mind.

You can visit Pretty Pieces Boutique online at or if you are in the Jacksonville, FL area you can use their convenient curbside service. Follow the boutique on Social Media Instagram | Facebook



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