“The Same Room” Returns for Season Three

The Shade Room’s Faith-Based Series will Premiere its third season on September 22, 2021

Premiering on Wednesday, September 22 on the show’s social pages, “The Same Room” will be broadcast via YouTube and Instagram.

Season three welcomes Angelica Nwandu, Founder of The Shade Room as co-host to returning host Stephanie Ike, Executive Pastor at The Potter’s House, Los Angeles. With two unique perspectives, Angelica and Stephanie come together this season to unpack the complexities of cancel culture, trusting God with the details, the gift of self-love, and more.

“During previous seasons, Angelica appeared in a few episodes, but in this new season, she officially joins The Same Room as a co-host. Having her as a co-host truly brings the vision of the show to life, because together we also represent faith and culture,” says Stephanie.

This season will continue the series’ mission of providing a space where faith meets culture.

The Same Room’s Season Three Lineup:

● Episode One | Wednesday, September 22 — Yvonne Orji

Comedian, actress and author, Yvonne Orji, joins The Same Room for an enlightening conversation that proves we can trust God with the fine print of His promises.

● Episode Two | Wednesday, October 6 — Chrisette Michele

There’s a fine line between cancel culture and accountability, and singer Chrisette Michele has courageously persevered through both. In this pivotal episode, Chrisette shows us the power of reinvention.

● Episode Three | Wednesday, October 20 — Jeannie Mai Jenkins

Sit in on this engaging exchange with Jeannie Mai as we unpack the journey of self-discovery, the gift of self-love, and how God’s unconditional love for us transforms us in the process.

● Episode Four | Wednesday, November 3 — April Daniels

April Daniels, the wife to the late LaShawn Daniels, shares her powerful testimony of forgiveness, living with loss, and gaining renewed faith in God.

“Season three is far from preachy. There is a little bit of something for everyone, and it’s super on time with the COVID-19 pandemic as it covers a range of topics so many people are dealing with in their everyday lives. You will definitely find yourself sitting on the couch feeling inspired and empowered by the stories our guests share,” says Fatima Elswify, Executive Producer of The Same Room.

This season will also feature a new after-show, In The Room, which will give viewers a behind-the-scenes look at what the sentiment was in the room from the previous week’s episode. Catch new episodes of “In The Room” each Wednesday after a new episode.

About The Same Room:

The Same Room is a talk show and podcast that offers an insightful take on faith-based topics. The objective is to break the mold of religion by discussing faith in the context of today’s culture. The series is presented by THE SHADE ROOM, an Instagram-based media company with 23+ million followers. For more information, follow The Same Room on YouTube and Instagram




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