’Tis the Season — A Holiday Blessing

Introductory Short Film presented by Purpose Driven Productions

Wanting to provide an avenue of inspiration during a time of the year that is sometimes synonymous with shopping and Santa Claus, Purpose Driven Productions is right on time with a faith-based holiday short film that will ensure that families spend time together. This short film has a bit of drama plus laughter and is titled “A Holiday Blessing” by producer, writer, director, creator, radio personalities, Tameka Vickers & Ernest Jackson — that your whole family will surely enjoy. Based on the family life of the average man in America, like most, who has to work long hours and hardly has time for the family, but with his faith in God, he believes he can get through anything. Sometimes you just need a reminder.

Made up of a cast that will be appearing in subsequent sequels to this inaugural film. A Holiday Blessing is sure to remind us of our own lives and walk with God. With an ensemble cast, starring: Nelly Jones, Wilmer Browder Jr, Hasiah Thompson, Sonja Busha, DeAndrew Morris, and Pastor Keith Jones each putting a lot of themselves into their roles truly helped to make this film a must watch family blessing. Producers and creators Vickers and Jackson decided to join forces and create Purpose Driven Productions, to fill the voice that has been missing and to also bring back feel good movies that edify Christ, they have made their mark in this inaugural film.

You can view this film by downloading the UGN Broadcasting Network via Rokutv, Android TV, Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV, and it will also be available on the Purpose Driven Productions Youtube Channel.

Happy Holidays!




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