Conversations with Krishna: Coming Soon

A message from Krishna:

“Conversations with Krishna is a book destined to be born for some time now, even though time itself does not exist on our plane.

It is filled with millenniums of knowledge, stories and our original philosophy on how life on Earth was destined to be lived.

We have strayed from the path of our original creation, destroying the Earth and ourselves in the process.

Take this knowledge, read it, absorb it, let it change your ways and share it.

We can and we must deconstruct the complex Earth we have created in order to grow a new Earth where all creatures are equal.

This is my story. I am Krishna.”

A message from Courtney, the Author:

There’s a phrase that life works in mysterious ways, which seems applicable when a Hindu God chooses a strategist (and atheist) from Sydney to channel a ‘how to guide’ for living on Earth.

I did not choose this book. It chose me.

The morning I was first contacted by Krishna was a day like any other, but would later define my life to a ‘before’ and ‘after’. There was the ‘before’, where only those closest to me knew of my spiritual abilities as I climbed the corporate ladder. And the ‘after’, where I could no longer ignore my abilities because doing so would mean keeping Krishna’s message to myself.

What would you do if you were given an important message the world needed to hear in order to alter its current crash course of destruction?

On the most profound days of our lives, we often wake up unaware of what lies ahead.

As I got out of bed that morning I was blissfully unaware that my life was about to be turned upside down. That whilst my logical and analytical brain was used to solving big business problems, I was about to meet a client with the most difficult brief yet. That I would be tested in strength and character, feel like I was losing my mind on various occasions, have to re-evaluate everything I thought I knew, lay myself bare and open to criticism, be prepared to lose myself in order to find myself and also lose people who were once close friends along the way.

As I mentioned, I did not choose this book it chose me. Once it did, there was no going back to who I was. My eyes had been opened to a world I’d not known existed before and there was no closing them.

Channeling is part of my everyday life and something I’ve been doing since my school years. Up until now, it has never forced my hand, or my heart into revealing something so personal about myself.

For those who aren’t familiar with channeling, when I channel I receive messages from spirit guides while in a light trance state. The words that pour out of me aren’t my own and are often not in my vocabulary. I am constantly amazed when I fact check what has come through. However, to keep the integrity of this book I have kept my fact checking to a minimum and restrained myself from diving deep into the history of the universe.

Thank you for reading. I hope you gain not only a new perspective from Krishna’s words but a new way of living, being and contributing to the world.”