Choose a higher frequency for yourself and you will attract more people, ideas, and opportunities that are in keeping with who you are.

Good morning, Krishna. What would you like to speak of today?

Courtney, today I wish to speak of frequency.

When I speak of frequency, I speak of the ability to tune into messages from other planes and places. I also speak of frequency when I refer to the level a soul is living on and operating within.

Your frequency allocates and defines your experience, just as listening to the radio allows you to tune into a particular station. However, if you think of frequency in the example of radio, depending on where you are, there are some stations you will or won’t be able to access.

Life is about frequency. The life you have depends on the frequency you are operating on.

If you lower your frequency, you will lower your ability to receive messages from other places and planes. A lower frequency also opens you up to the dark spirits who live on Earth and on other planes.

A frequency that is light and high will attract only good.

Your frequency is not given to you as you might believe. You choose it, every day, every moment and every second of your existence.

If you were to imagine heightening and intensifying your frequency, would your frequency elevate? Yes, it would.

If you spend your time in darkness, being critical of others and yourself, your frequency will lower.

Life is about simplicity, Courtney. There is a belief on Earth that life is complicated, but it is not. Human beings make it complicated.

Frequency is simple if you think of it as a spectrum, moving from the Earth to the sky. If your frequency is high, what you attract will be other high frequencies who have good and positive intent.

If your frequency is low, you will attract what feeds on low frequency.

There are times and days where your frequency will change as much as the weather, but to have a positive existence on Earth, please aim to keep your frequency high. High is simplicity. Low drowns you in complications; things, and ideas that do not even exist. Elevate yourself. Even if you do not feel this is possible.

People believe that to achieve spiritual happiness, freedom, and ascension is a journey that takes a lifetime. This is an idea, a construct, a fallacy that human beings and spiritual leaders with the wrong intent have created to keep human beings in order, in line and in control. You do not need to ‘ascend’ to a higher place to operate at a higher frequency, you simply need to choose to do so.

To be who you are destined to be in your character, choose it. Today.

Do not be restricted by Earthly ideas about how long things should take, or how things should be done. Do not be distracted by stories or false ideas.

I am showing you now that ascending to a higher place is as simple as getting up in the morning. It is all in your mind.

Choose a higher frequency for yourself and you will attract more people, ideas, and opportunities that are in keeping with who you are.

Let a low frequency be chosen and be swept up in a whirlpool of complicated human ideas of what, how and why things should be and you will never feel happy or at peace.

Frequency is a choice, and you have a choice whether you believe it or not. To live the life you desire, spiritually, all you need to do is open your eyes and wake up.

See that the world is an illusion of your own creation and life will begin to take a new shape and form.

See that it is only you that limits your own potential, remove those barriers and move forward in a new way.

Your spirit is only as old as you feel or see it to be. Your journey is only as long or as hard as you perceive it to be. It is true that life on Earth is a ‘journey’ as some may say, but it is how you see this journey and your time here that counts.

Choose the highest frequency like your life depends on it because it does. Choose a high frequency because it means a life of simplicity, love, and purity.

Thank you, Krishna.