In Conversation With an Airline Pilot

How Do You Face Your Fear?

  • Excercise.
  • I eat well: I’m vegetarian and I’m conscious about the food I put into my body.
  • Meditation and yoga.
  • Mostly music!
  • I value alone time. It’s great!
  • Angus & Julia
  • Kodaline “High Hopes”, “All I want”
  • Sleeping at last “Saturn”
  • Travel and see the world while having enough money $ to do so.
  • Today I applied to volunteer in musical therapy. I want to start doing seminars and helping others.

And then… Elina asked — Whats your dream?

Elina asked me what my dream was. I said to be the next Oprah of modern times. She smiled and said ‘whoa’ in the most genuine way.


Thank you for being part of my journey, Elina! See you in Athens for a cup of coffee in the cockpit ;) #grateful



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