In Conversation with a Fashion Designer

This is part of a series on creating an optimistic guide of tips and advice on how to better your daily life by the people I think are awesome!

I have been thinking about this project for 5 years and, naturally, it felt like it’s just time to try and fail at it even if I can’t make it perfect.

I live a fortunate life. I’m a very lucky woman to have such interesting characters around me: From my family, to great friends, to colleagues and teachers. This is my attempt to share with the world my appreciation and respect to people who I admire, respect, look up to, love and adore. I thank them for guiding, supporting, loving, sharing knowledge, and really pushing me to be the best version of myself. Around these individuals I’ve always been on my toes; to try and reach that next step on that ladder. Here is what makes them great…

What Makes Ruth Great?

Where do we begin? Ruth is an intelligent soul, a great mind full of ideas and enthusiasm; filled with a beauty from within that shines out. She is one of the most disciplined people that I know, even if she may think otherwise herself. On 27 December, 2017, Ruth invited me to visit her in hometown Limerick. I had a wonderful time getting to know her parents, her brother and sister Ruby as well as their charismatic pets. 😃 We went for a tea and a hot water at Savoy, and here is a snippet to what makes Ruth great:

Disclaimer: Naturally the questions that I asked and the topics that we discussed are based on what I think is currently important, what I personally experience myself and looking for answers to. We might return to the same person a year from now, with a completely different set of explorational topics.

Daily Routine: What’s Your Daily Routine and What Works for You to Make you Feel Great?

It’s really simple. The most important thing for me is to wake up early: Ideally 6 am and in the summer, 5am. I sleep with a curtain open to wake up with the sun. I have an alarm that is my own voice telling me to wake up. Before it reaches 0 — I don’t stay in bed after this time. “wake up, wake up, wake up, 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1. I tell myself to wake up — always out of the bed, never remaining in.

I do turn my wifi off. There is a trend about being unreachable, putting a phone on airplane mode during the night — but if you turn your wifi off, then the phone would still be available, and that’s a better way. Nobody is going to phone you for no reason between 12 and 7, unless it’s important.

Morning Routine

  • Wake up early at 6 am. waking consistently and never past my alarm.
  • Make my bed the minute I step on the floor.
  • Exercise 60–90 mins in the morning (Yoga Ashtanga Primary Series), sit-ups (keep your stomach in check).
  • 8 am — I have breakfast. Same thing every day: Nuts, cranberries, apricots, coconut, with blueberries, coconut milk and bananas. No coffee. I have my french lesson via Duolingo with my breakfast.
  • After 9 am — the day get’s flexible.
  • 9–12 is great to do something important.

My evening routine is not so organised and there is no weekend / weekday difference to me.

Tips for having a good sleep?
* don’t eat late at night
* don’t drink tea and coffee after 12pm
* don’t eat chocolate or crazy foods

What’s Your Take on Meditation?

I guess the same as schizophrenics take on meditation. I think it’s a good idea. I’ll try it. I feel ok about it but I don’t get it. I haven’t had enough experience to feel that it has changed my life. My only problem in life is not getting things done and not necessarily my inner peace, I feel like I’m at peace. but I’m not procrastinating at all things. When I know what to do, I do it very quickly and very very well, so it’s more like not knowing what to do.

I went through a whole year of meditating every morning, and had a little book, ‘Each and Every Breath’ book: Things I was grateful for, prayer, and making a wish for your worst enemy. It’s useful and a good way to start your day without any resentment.

If you walk around your day thinking how things are effecting you, you will not pay attention to how you are affecting the world.

Type of meditation: I turn my phone off and sometimes I keep it on and let my phone ping me — it’s just a way to bring your mind back.


It is very simple for me. 
I react to food very strongly. I try to keep it simple. No diary food — it affects my stomach and my skin. Eggs give me acne. 
Lunch — have rice and avocado, tomato sauce 
I want something very simple; Rice is very simple. 
Broccoli and corn. 
Remedy for cold — garlic and in the tea. Have it as a medicine.

Brown rice, green lentils, in a bowl, with chopped avocado, tomato salsa and coriander on top.


Making things.
Reading & Writing. 
I love anything to do with patterns.

Behaviour and design, construction, architecture

I never really knew why I had these strange interests.
I could make a great detective: That one is for sure.

Anchoring Yourself with Things

Philosophy on Life

Self Discipline = Self Love
I believe in discipline, hard work, perfection in execution, consistency, and dedication in everything we do.

Favourite Movies

1. Bugsy Malone
2. TBC
3. TBC
4. TBC

for an opportunity to share ideas.

Here are Some Things I Learned During this Conversation:

Becoming a mother is a huge responsibility and a decision. Understanding what that means and being emotionally stable is something that requires a high level of awareness.

Disciplining myself so there are no more complaints about certain things, i.e. weight or body image.

The purpose of this project is for me is to ensure that it helps me and those reading: to relate, to question and to answer what I think are important and to employ some of these ideas to become the best version of us.

Something to put into practice? Do what you say you will do!

Thank you Ruth!