The Most Underrated Data Many Marketers Overlook

In a world full of automated insights and analytics, we learned that feedback or qualitative data has become some sort of secret power.

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Now that we’re creating content on a regular basis, do you ever wonder:

😱 How do we improve the content we’re creating?
😱 How do we know what people like and dislike about it?
😱 What’s our next step in helping people solve their current challenges?

If you look back at the Content Creation Cycle, you’ll find that our method of creating content is highly dependent on data.

One useful kind of data most marketers tend to overlook is Qualitative Data or simply put — Feedback.

To properly assess Qualitative Data or Feedback, we follow these 5 Steps:

The 5 Steps for Assessing Feedback or Qualitative Data
Fig 1. Steps for Assessing Feedback (Qualitative Data)

After this, the challenges were:

😱 How do we present this in a way that’s easy to see the full picture?

😱 How do we keep the entire team (and/or client) aligned with the current state and solutions presented?

😱 How do we lay-out the “why” behind the solutions we came up with?

We backed up our solutions with a standardized way of presenting the rationalization or “why” based on Freytag’s Pyramid 5-Act Storytelling Framework:

How to apply the Storytelling Framework in rationalizing proposed solutions
Fig. 2 How to apply the Storytelling Framework in rationalizing proposed solutions

The Result:
Our team is now able to find solutions from qualitative data together in an easier way and with way less friction. This allowed us to continue to improve the customer experience inside our community.

Hope this helps!

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For more about the Storytelling Framework, this article by Jason Ocker of The Maark Secret is a good read.



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