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Written By: Kyle Musser

If you’ve ever heard the saying growth hacking or have ever met someone who says that they’re a growth hacker, there’s a good chance you have no idea what they are talking about. 🤔

Nicole Williams describes growth hackers in one of her Read Think by HubSpot pieces in this way…

“Growth hackers are the cool new kids. They proclaim the traditional marketing playbook is irrelevant, they are the new marketers, and growth is our new north star.” 💭

And while it sounds pretty cool to be a self-proclaimed “growth hacker” when networking around or courting a new client, the reality is that most business owners either…

A) Don’t know what growth hacking is and why it matters to building a highly profitable business, but it sounds cool and trendy so it’s something that you’re more interested in.
B) Don’t care at all about what growth hacking is and could give a crap less as to why you should care about having any sort of digital strategy in place for your business.

So now that we got that out of the way, if you’re in the camp of (B)… stop reading and go spend your time doing something better. (You’re welcome)

If you’re an (A), then keep reading because we’ve got something special that literally will transform your business and your life if you decide to enroll in one of our joint venture partners’ List Building School.

(You can also cut the long winded writing bs and click here grab your seat) 💌 🤓

Ok, now let me share a few more qualifiers to see if you’re really the right fit for List Building School

If you’ve ever wondered how you can build a 6, 7, or even 8 figure business by sending just one email per day…
If you’ve ever dreamed of what it would feel like to have complete freedom when it comes to how you design and grow your business…
If you’ve struggled with attracting, growing, and monetizing a community to the point where you could create a business that allowed you to walk away from your 9–5…
If you’d like to double the size of your business without spending a ton more time, energy, and money on marketing…

I can keep going on if you like… OR, now that I’ve got your attention I can get down to it.

If you own a business in today’s age, there’s a good chance that you must have some sort of digital strategy in place if you want to make progress down the Pathway to Unlimited Profits.

Specifically, I’m speaking to those of you who are bloggers, speakers, authors, boutique retail shops or restaurants, e-commerce store owners, tech entrepreneurs, etc., where your business has any sort of digital interaction between you (your brand) and your customers.

And in today’s day and age where anyone with a smartphone becomes could become a brand ambassador (or hater) to your business (I’m speaking to 99% of you reading this), it’s more important than ever that you have a strategy in place.

Jeff Bullas, who you should definitely follow btw… has a great Medium article talking about his “Top 10 Trends to Look out for in 2016”

Specifically if you check that out, you might notice (like I did) that there’s one big takeaway and that’s the big idea that having a plan in place is more important than ever when trying to hack or what we like to call engineer growth.

But even with a plan, how does one stand out from all the noise of tweets, status updates, shares, likes, comments, hearts, etc.???

I can speak to it personally that I sometimes get tired just thinking about all of it as I try to figure out how I’m going to grow my own business here at Digital Conversion Labs, let alone advise our clients in doing the same…


Then I remind myself that while platforms might change, the context as to why our business really matters doesn’t change.

See when it comes to your tribe, your community, or what you like to refer to them as… your customers. The one thing stays the same and is common among all successful businesses is PEOPLE! 👥👥👥👥

Your people no matter what niche you’re business is in, are the key to accelerating the growth of your business. But like many of you, I still sometimes get a little frustrated with the lack of (perceived) progress when it comes to growing my business.

But then like me and many of you do, we always tend to look for shortcuts. And in this case, specifically speaking to the growth hacking mindset which leaves many of us asking the question…

“How do the pros manage their time (and resources) between all the different social media platforms, changes in technology, etc.”

If that sounds like you, then you’re definitely in the right place. 👏🏼

Going back to Nicole’s killer Medium post, it’s quite simple actually. This first lesson from List Building School when it comes to growth hacking and growing your business is a Committment to Experimentation. 💡💭

Sean Ellis founder, and CEO of simply describes it as this…

“Growth hackers don’t guess, they test.” — Former head of growth hacking Dropbox 💭

Which speaking from their latest valuation of $10+ Billion (via, I think Sean and his fellow peers are onto something.

But even with making the choice and committment to continuous testing and experimentation, how do you as a busy entrepreneur grow your business in an efficient and scalable way without sacrificing more time or profits??

Great question. And while there are deeper lessons from the Pathway to Unlimited Profits that we’ve yet to unlock, here’s part of the answer…EMAIL! 💌


And I know some of you might be thinking…

“Kyle, hasn’t email long been dead?” 💭

The simple answer is that email is not dead by any means. In fact, email is still one of the best ways to attract, grow, engage, and convert an audience.

Don’t believe me? Check out this guide from our friends noah kagan and his team at SumoMe down in ATX where they’ve analyzed the data from over 300 million email subscription popups…

The deeper answer for most business owners is that email, while a powerful tool is only dead because most business owners and digital marketing teams don’t understand how to properly utilize this amazing growth hacking tool.

And I’m saying that both from the experience(s) of working with clients and from personal experience before I saw the light.

Which, luckily for you is where myself Kyle Musser, Digital Conversion Labs, and growth hacking experts come in. 😀

We’ve partnered up with some of today’s top growth marketers, entrepreneurs, and digital experts to bring you List Building School hosted by our friend Navid Moazzez.

So if you’ve wondered how you yourself can hack business growth and unlock Unlimited Business Profits, then come join us for these action-packed master classes that are part of List Building School


See growth hacking doesn’t have to be hard, time consuming, or complex. But the major 🔑 is that you’ve got to start somewhere and as the saying goes,

“Fail to plan, you plan to fail.” 💭

Just think about it for a minute…

Imagine building a business where you had complete control, flexibility, and freedom over when you worked, where you worked, and how much you made…
Imagine creating systems that bring in leads and increasing recurring revenue month after month, after month…
Imagine what it would feel like knowing you’ve been able to leverage more of your time, have more impact, and help more people…
Imagine how it’s going to feel knowing that you’re business isn’t dependent on someone else’s platform… (sorry Mark Zuckerberg) 😉

Hacking growth and setting your business up for Unlimited Profits is easier than you think. You just need the right plan in place to make it happen.

So don’t wait, claim your All-Access Virtual Pass today!


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I’m Kyle Musser,

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