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Unlocking The Opportunity That Comes With Getting Fired

Kyle Musser
Sep 26, 2016 · 5 min read

Written By: Kyle Musser

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Have you ever worked with someone or have been that person who you knew should have been fired because of their lack of passion, bad work ethic, lack of desire to think creatively, possession of a bad attitude, and overall contribution to the growth of the brand you either own or have worked for?

Guess what, you’re not alone.

In fact, it was me.

And while I was actually been fired from a quote “big kid consulting job” (I’ll share the story another time), I wanted to share with you something of value I found this weekend while prepping for the week.

As we dive into stop #1 of the DCLabs Pathway to Unlimited Profits, I want you to just stop and think about the times that we’re currently living in…

I mean, really think about it…

For those in the digital marketing space, stop and remind yourself how easy it is to compose an email and send it to hundreds, if not thousands or even millions of potential customers with the click of a button. ***Just Craig Ballantyne about this one as he shared what to me sounds like a horror story on Shawn Stevenson’s Model Health Show Podcast. Craig, that sounds terrible… but I respect the early adopter status. ;)

If you have a smartphone, think about the fact that you have more computing power in your hands than most of our national leaders ever had access to during their tenures as U.S. Presidents.

Think about how things like drones, 3D printing, social networks and big data are transforming the way small and large brands go about growing their businesses.

Envision a near future where virtual and augmented reality is in every single home that has access to a high-speed bandwidth connection allowing for live streaming of concerts, sporting events, speeches, virtual classrooms, and so on.

Imagine the massive innovations and breakthroughs that are coming in the fields of healthcare where innovations such as nanotechnology, neurotechnology, microbiome therapeutics, and mobile health care are completely changing the way we assess, prevent, diagnose, deliver and provide care.

We live in amazing times where technology is allowing us unbelievable opportunities to have an impact in the world and to make the lives of so many far better off than we could have imagined just 100, 50 or even 25 years ago.

But with living in an age of massive disruption, also comes potential risks.

The biggest risk I see when I work with brands, entrepreneurs, startups and businesses of all sizes comes down to this…

Fear of change.

For where there is fear of change, there is the foundation for failure and disruption to take over.

So how does one overcome the fear of change? I think it comes down to 3 things…




That’s why I’m constantly studying the coming trends in technology, connecting with the true innovators and masters of their fields, and looking for ways to discover knowledge that can help drive my life forward into the future.

This is where today’s message from the Idea Labs comes into play.

For those that don’t know Jay Alan Samit, he’s a successful entrepreneur, speaker, and business leader that started with just $100 and a dream.

Think the stereotypical startup success story with a nice exit on the backside. :)

But, like most entrepreneurs I know, Jay Alan Samit’s success wasn’t just handed to him… it was earned.

You and I both live in the same era where 3 things are constant…




***Thanks Peter Diamandis for those 3.

All the things which I mentioned at the top of this are things that I get super geeked out about… as should you. 🤓

However, these things are also scary to think about as those same disruptive technologies are also getting ready to completely obliterate industries.

Like the way that Uber, Zipcar, Google, and Tesla Motors (Autonomous cars and Ride-Sharing) are affecting the automotive industry here in my home state of Michigan.

These newly developed and transformative technologies leave one asking questions like…

“Why do I need a car when I can share on demand or even buy a Tesla that’s superior in every aspect and self drives?” 💭

Watch out Detroit because you’re in an interesting spot.

Or how Amazon (3D Printing, Machine Learning, Robotics, Big Data, and Drones) is now in competition with players both big and small in most niches.

If you’re like me, you love seeing this type of thing happen as we ask the question…

“Why go to the store when Amazon Fresh, Local, and Prime are amazing services that deliver free right to my door step within a day or two?” 💭

Add in drones, data science, robotics, machine learning and so on, bye bye millions of manufacturing jobs and retail stores like Wal-Mart. I’m not kidding, just do some research.

While some of this might sound a bit crazy to some people, I’ll let you in a little secret that most of you should be incredibly excited about all these incredible innovations.

As Jay shares in this video…

“You only get what you think and believe you deserve.” 💭

I know that you deserve success.

Why and how do I know this?

First, because you’ve made a decision to be here with me and my team where I know without question we deserve success because we’re aware of the changes that are happening around us.

Second, because you’re reading this that means that you’re hungry forKnowledge, Perspective, and Wisdom.

So think about these things I’ve mentioned today and be sure to check out Jay’s powerful TED Talks below where he talks about the 3 Lies of Success, Achievement, and Entrepreneurship…

LIE #1 — I’m not smart enough…

LIE #2 — Failure is a person…

LIE #3 — I don’t have the resources…

TAKEAWAY: What is your biggest takeaway from that TED Talks video withJay?

Be sure to leave your comments below and share it with a friend…

And if you’ve found this valuable, I’d be much appreciated if you could leave a HEART below… 💙

I’m Kyle Musser,

Founder and CEO (Chief Experiment Officer) of Come check out what we’re up to and be sure to check out our FREE RESOURCES by clicking on the link below the image…


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Kyle Musser

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Helping Entrepreneurs, Brands, Small Businesses, & High Growth Startups Turn Conversations into Conversions…

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