Convertelligence increases focus on existing customers

Anette Berge, Øyvind Steinkopf Sund, and Sandra Oen.

Text and photos by Siv Fjørtoft.

2018 was a big year of growth for Convertelligence. The company grew from 13 to 35 employees, moved out of StartupLab and got Erik Must as an investor. Q1 of 2019 has been just as hectic, but we’ve still made time for assigning a few new roles within the company.

“We’ve seen a need to take better care of our existing customers. That’s why we decided to create new roles and have an internal hiring process. We’ve got so many competent employees that we were certain that we would find the right candidates,” says CEO and founder of Convertelligence, John Antonio Nilsen.

The newly created roles are Customer Success Manager and Training and Development Manager.

Increased focus on good customer relations

Anette Berge is our new Customer Success Manager. Anette was hired by Convertelligence as a UX writer in February 2018, and the company has evolved a lot in the year that she’s been with us.

“This role is important because we’re growing and acquiring new customers. We work on several projects at the same time, and we want to avoid customers feeling overlooked after a project is finished and delivered. We need to make sure that the customers we’ve had for a long time, receive the same amount of attention as our new customers,” says Anette.

As Customer Success Manager, Anette will be responsible for staying in touch with all of our existing customers and keeping them in the loop whenever something new happens in Kindly.

“I’m bringing the relationships I already have with our customers into this new role. The UX team in Convertelligence know our customers and projects well, as we’re often stationed at our customers’ office’ for weeks at a time. That knowledge will come in handy,” she says.

Transferring knowledge and skills to new and existing customers

Sandra Oen, the first UX writer that was hired by Convertelligence, is now switching to a role as Training and Development Manager. The main focus of this position will be quality assurance of all training that employees and customers go through when using Kindly.

“When I started working for Convertelligence, we were five employees and we had two customers. Now that we’ve increased both the number of employees and the number of customers, it’s important to have a dedicated resource to ensure the quality of our training, and adjust it as the product improves and the needs of the users change,” Sandra says.

As the first UX writer in the company, it comes naturally to Sandra to train new employees in using Kindly and creating good chatbots. Now she’s looking forward to exploring new ways of teaching users.

“Just because what we do today is working, doesn’t mean that there aren’t better ways to teach users how our product can be used in the best way possible. So it’ll be exciting to experiment with various methods and see what our customers can achieve by using Kindly,” she says.

A new role responsible for quality control and bids

In addition to these new roles, Øyvind Steinkopf Sund became our first Operations Manager earlier this year.

“I’m in charge of production and quality control of the company’s industry-specific chatbot modules, and I lead the team of UX writers who work with these modules. At the same time I’m also responsible for developing the content and following through with the processes of offers and public bids,” says Øyvind.

As the interest for Convertelligence and chatbots in general has increased, it’s become even more vital for the company to deliver chatbot content with consistently high quality.

“As we grow, we become more preoccupied with having effective, streamlined processes that benefit both our customers and ourselves, and that’s what I’d like to contribute with in the time to come,” Øyvind says.

Øyvind has been working as a UX writer in Convertelligence since the summer of 2017, but he has for some time now contributed with tasks that are a part of the Operations Manager role.

“We’ve been very pleased with Øyvind’s contributions, and it was therefore natural for him to move into this role,” says John Antonio Nilsen.