Copywriters galore

Our circle of text experts has been steadily growing for the past few months!

Maja, Sara, Aksel & Hans Joakim

Text by Helle Lindheim Stavsholt, photos by Siv Fjørtoft

Hans Joakim Lien does not only represent a new addition to our copywriter team. He also marks another important extension of our company, as we now expand our knowledge of languages. Hans Joakim is our first Swedish copywriter!

As well as providing Kindly with impeccable Swedish, Hans Joakim is also fluent in Norwegian. In fact, language and communication have always been of high interest to him. He has a bachelor’s degree in media and communication studies from the University of Oslo. Additionally, he has an internship as a communication consultant at the Norwegian Health and Care Services to show for. He believes artificial intelligence is the future and is excited to help improve Kindly by implementing new content — in both Swedish and Norwegian.

Maja Olsen moved from London when it was decided she was the perfect fit for Convertelligence. Over the past five years, she has been working as a freelance translator whilst studying creative writing. Her studies led to a master’s degree in creative writing and publishing from City University of London and a bachelor’s degree in creative writing and film. With this background, there was no doubt she is a qualified copywriter. But her choosing to work with chatbots wasn’t something she had predicted.

“As a student in creative writing, I had never imagined myself working with artificial intelligence. Having said that, I find it intriguing to use my writing for this purpose.”

One of the things that spoke to Maja about Convertelligence was the idea of the dynamic and sudden nature of artificial intelligence. This suited her well, as she likes to face new challenges and deploy her extensive knowledge in both writing and language on various tasks.

Hans Joakim Lien & Maja Olsen

Sara Gilsdottir is one of our new part-time copywriters. She is currently studying for a master’s degree in practical literature. Before that, she completed a bachelor’s degree in creative industries management. She has experience from transcription and translation, abilities very much applicable when it comes to building chatbots.

Sara was intrigued by how AI puts language in a new technological context, which differed from her previous experience with writing. Even so, she has a lot to contribute with. Being a student, she frequently writes a lot of assignments, and the need to produce various texts is essential. Sara claims, somewhat humorously, to have befriended different thesauri over the years, and that this will definitively be advantageous in her new job as a copywriter.

Aksel Rogstad was fresh out of high school and had just finished a summer job at the Directorate for Cultural Heritage when he joined Convertelligence. He is now working part time as one of our copywriters. Always fascinated by language and how we express ourselves, Aksel was also drawn towards artificial intelligence and technology during his high school years. As he has a serious interest in philosophy, he found himself contemplating this in a philosophical fashion. In fact, with Aksel onboard, we now have a gold medalist from the 2017 Baltic Sea Philosophy Essay Event on the team (that’s pretty cool).

Aksel thinks artificial intelligence is the new big shift in how we think about technology. He is eager to learn and is very excited to be a part of this development.

“The technology is rocketing. It’s amazing how our expectations of what’s possible have changed so dramatically throughout history.”
Sara Gilsdottir & Aksel Rogstad