Our product team is growing!

Gjermund, Jørgen, Tommy, Lars André and Sverre are Kindly’s new helpers!

Text and photos by Siv Fjørtoft

Gjermund, Jørgen, Tommy, Lars André and Sverre

10 new employees have started in Convertelligence so far this month! Here’s a chance to get a bit better acquainted with 5 of them.

Our new data scientist, Lars André, has just completed a bachelor’s degree in electronics and data technology at the University of Oslo where he was specialising in microelectronics. He also worked part-time as a machine learning intern at Graphiq. Lars joined Convertelligence because he wanted to work with developing cutting edge technology in a competent environment.

“Natural language processing is a very exciting field within artificial intelligence, and there are opportunities here to do something really exciting. Chatbots have such a great potential and I’m looking forward to contributing with all my experiences and skills.”
— Lars André

Gjermund is our new front-end developer! He has a bachelor’s degree in interactive design from Westerdals Oslo ACT and has previously worked as a front-end developer in Making Waves. He wanted to work with new and exciting technology, which led him to join Convertelligence.

Gjermund has experience working in both small and big companies, and he’s had to work with many different clients and projects. This has given him the skills and motivation to create a high-quality product.

With a bachelor’s degree in intelligent systems from Westerdals Oslo ACT, our new front-end developer, Tommy, was introduced to artificial intelligence through his studies. This got him instantly interested in Convertelligence, once he heard about what we do here.

Before joining Convertelligence, Tommy worked at a startup called Kult Byrå. Working there gave him good routines as a front-end developer, and this, along with his knowledge of machine learning gained at school, will definitely come in handy as he works with further development of our platform, Kindly.

Lars André, Gjermund and Tommy

Sverre, our new designer, came to Convertelligence by way of Lund, Sweden. He has previously worked with product and process development at Tronrud Engineering and has a bachelor’s degree in product design from OsloMet.

He’s a curious, observant, and focused guy who is motivated by working in a place where he can use his prior knowledge, but also learn new things. He wishes to focus more on interaction in user interfaces, as well as gaining more knowledge about machine learning, and this makes him a perfect fit for the Convertelligence design team.

Jørgen was working as a consultant before coming to Convertelligence as a full-stack developer. He wanted to have more ownership of his work and liked the idea of working with a great product together with competent people in a good environment.

“Big, bureaucratic companies isn’t my thing. In my experience, politics can get in the way of creating a good solution. At Convertelligence, I’m able to be more practical and focus on what I think is important for the product.”
— Jørgen
Sverre and Jørgen
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