Say hi to our new managers!

Henriette, Arne, Cecilie, and Anette are now in charge of connecting the dots at Convertelligence.

Text by Helle Lindheim Stavsholt. Photo by Siv Fjørtoft.

Henriette, Arne, Cecilie, & Anette

Henriette is a new addition to our sales team and is stepping onboard as our sales manager.

She was one of the first employees at her former job, Mynewsdesk. She stayed there for 8 years, gaining first-hand knowledge of how to build a company from scratch. Eventually, she started missing the passion, energy and team spirit associated with start-ups. She wanted to create something new in collaboration with others and saw Convertelligence as a place to do just that!

“I chose Convertelligence because it’s an ambitious new company. Chatbots and automation are inevitable, and I want to be a part of a team that helps businesses get more effective”.

With Henriette on the team, we get extended knowledge on sales, but also a new sales manager focused on cultivating a great (and fun) work culture.

Arne left Link Mobility where his main task was working as a technical manager, making sure everything was sorted out and in place. The expertise he gained from working in a company undergoing growth will undoubtedly come in handy as he embarks on his new job as a product manager.

Creating products can easily get messy and sometimes it’s hard to keep track of everything, so it’s a good thing Arne has a lot of organising skills to contribute with. To what he reckons to be an applicable ability in his line of work, his answer was: “To have a long-term vision even though every day seems like one big compromise”.

Cecilie, our new project coordinator, joined our team after finishing her master’s degree in business administration at Oslo Metropolitan University. When hearing about Convertelligence, she found the technology and the ever-changing field of artificial intelligence intriguing and decided to swap her job at Deloitte Consulting for a new job at Convertelligence. It turned out to be a perfect match!

“I felt like I could use my previous experience and that this job would give me new, challenging tasks, which was exactly what I was looking for”.

Anette is our new office manager! She has previously worked as a restaurant department manager at Thon Hotels where she was in charge of human resources in her department. To keep the burgeoning workload in check, she’s become an expert at prioritising. As our team is growing rapidly, her routines and experiences will be highly valued. She describes herself as a devoted person who’s used to having a lot on her plate. She gets easily immersed in both people and tasks, a quality that will come in handy as office manager at Convertelligence.