Dicey Hollow

New York musician Jamie Biden and Petter Stakee, the lead singer of rock band Alberta Cross, are friends who have been itching to collaborate for years. They finally got the chance when they were asked to score another friend’s film together. That project fizzled out but the experience led to them forming the alt country/indie folk duo Dicey Hollow.

After releasing their debut self-titled EP this summer, Dicey Hollow recently played their first official gig at Williamsburg’s Cameo. We caught up with Jamie (And yes, he is a Biden Biden. Vice President Biden’s his uncle) fresh from the stage, while Petter stayed on with Alberta Cross.

CONVICTS: How was the first Dicey Hollow show?

JAMIE: It was a long time coming: a lot of fun. I felt the support of the family, which was most important to me.

CONVICTS: You feel that, right? When you walk on the stage?

JAMIE: Yeah, you can hear it; you can feel it. It was awesome. It’s been a minute since we played a gig. It’s something you work on for quite some time, so it’s nice to be able to finally play it. You can record and record, but it’s nice to play a show.

CONVICTS: Where do these songs come from?

JAMIE: Life.

CONVICTS: Like when?

JAMIE: Over the course of the last couple of years. It’s been a long process. Mostly because of schedules- Petter’s got Alberta Cross and I’m working on what I’m working on. But it was couple of years to do the EP. It’s nice to finally hear it like we recorded it.

Hopefully they dig it; a lot or a little.

CONVICTS: How did it feel to be playing live?

JAMIE: It felt great to play live. It felt really good.


JAMIE: Because playing it live is what it’s about, right? Being in the studio is the best thing ever, but playing it live and sharing with people, it’s what music is about. It’s about hanging out with your friends and all that corny stuff, but that’s what’s fun.

CONVICTS: How does it feel when you’ve written a song- and thought, woah, we’ve got something here- and then you get to play it together live?

JAMIE: Petter and I did this whole thing together, but bringing it to life, as I said before, is being able to share it with your friends. That’s what it’s all about. Hopefully they dig it; a lot or a little. Hopefully they don’t hate it. But it’s exciting; it’s super fun.

CONVICTS: Let’s talk about the origins of this project. When did you guys start talking about it?

JAMIE: I’ve been trying to work on some film stuff for a while. Petter has an unbelievable voice and I wanted to wrap him in this film we thought we were going to do. Didn’t end up working out, but that was the seed of Dicey Hollow for sure. And then we just kept having sessions together from time to time, working on it.

I don’t know what will happen but that’s what’s fun about us.

CONVICTS: Sounds fun hanging with a mate and writing songs?

JAMIE: Yeah, me and Pete around upstate mostly and having fun with it.

CONVICTS: Let’s talk about the last song you played tonight? Where did that one start and what’s it about?

JAMIE: Silver and Sand. Yeah, that’s an important one, a super important one. I don’t really want to try and explain, but it’s one of the songs that hopefully people will listen to more and pick up on something that is meaningful.

CONVICTS: Any advice?

JAMIE: Have fun with it. Don’t take it too seriously. This feels awfully serious! But yeah, have fun with it. Enjoy it.

CONVICTS: Has playing live been the best moment of this project so far?

JAMIE: Yeah, not to have any pressure. It’s not a pressure situation. It’s been nice to take the time to do it. I don’t know what will happen but that’s what’s fun about us.

CONVICTS: How long has it been since you played a show?

JAMIE: Quite a while. Little things here and there, but it’s been years. It’s been a while. You don’t take it lightly, you want to bring people out when you feel like you have something worthwhile to share and not before that, and then maybe you do or you don’t, but you certainly hope you do.

CONVICTS: Did you have a few whiskies before the show?

JAMIE: I did not. Yeah, no. Off the whiskies.

CONVICTS: A few whiskies now maybe?

JAMIE: That’s not my drink. Maybe a tequila or a beer.

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