5 Social Media Customer Service Stats You Must Know

In partnership with Edison, I did a lot of research into the science of complaint when working on my latest book, Hug Your Haters.

One of the most important thrusts of that research is around customer expectations. When a customer complains, what do they expect from a brand…and when?

The answers are important, because they help dictate operations policies, staffing, software, and customer retention.

I created a presentation of this key data. It’s available on Slideshare right now. I encourage you to read and download, as it’s full of interesting points:

How Fast is Fast Enough: New research shows how fast companies have to respond in social media

5 Social Media Customer Service Stats You Must Know

Here are the five most important findings (although there are a lot more in the research, and in Hug Your Haters)

1. One-third of all customer complaints are never answered, most of them are in social

2. Answering a complaint increases customer advocacy by as much as 25%

3. Not answering a complaint decreases customer advocacy by as much as 50%

4. Forty percent of customers who complain in social expect a response within one hour

5. Sixty-three percent of consumers are satisfied with response time in social media

Several other great stats in the presentation AND three key tips to getting faster in your own company or organization.

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