The ‘AI for Marketers’ Era Starts Now

Christopher S. Penn, Co-Founder of Trust Insights and Co-Host of the Marketing Over Coffee podcast, discusses the role and impact of artificial intelligence in the digital marketing universe.

Whispers in tech labs, digital marketing agencies and offices around the world disclose a certain amount of trepidation that computers will take over jobs. The evolution of artificial intelligence is relentless.

You could leave the room to grab a cup of coffee, and by the time you sit back down at your desk, you’ll read headlines promising a new, more advanced model for natural language generation or even content creation. But, is this enough of a reason for marketers and those working in creative industries to feel intimidated or threatened by AI?

As Christopher S. Penn predicts, in the near future, either your job will be to manage the machines, or the machines will manage you. But, if you learn to prepare your career for AI and understand how you can harness its power without making yourself redundant, you’ll secure your position for many years to come.

In This Episode:

  • 06:18 — How AI will impact digital marketing and creative roles
  • 09:18 — How AI can assist with content generation and the decision-making process
  • 15:24 — How social media professionals can harness the power of AI
  • 19:55 — The difference between algorithms and artificial intelligence
  • 22:17 — Why businesses need to think about the problems they can solve with AI before investing in the software
  • 25:55 — How you can use AI to forecast search terms for your marketing campaigns
  • 29:16 — How an organization’s ethics influences AI applications and software
  • 35:09 — Why natural language generation is the ‘next big thing’ in AI marketing

Quotes From This Episode:

“Artificial intelligence is about getting a machine to replicate human intelligence features.” — @cspenn

“If you can add ‘template’ next to your job role in Google search, you’ve got a job that a machine can take over very soon.” — @cspenn

What’s your one tip for becoming a social pro?

Learn analytics, because if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it!

If you could do a Skype call with any living person, who would it be?

Chris would love to speak to Former President of the United States, Barack Obama, to discover what really goes on behind the scenes.

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