Teaching Asian Food Cooking Classes

As a Taiwanese Canadian who lived in Vancouver, BC years ago, one of my favorite past times is to enjoy dim sum with my family and friends. Dim Sum literally means “to touch the heart.” The beauty of Dim Sum is to enjoy varieties of different dishes in satisfying small bites.

As I now live in Seattle, it can be hard to find authentic dim sum here. Although Seattle boasts a few dim sum hot-spots, most of the restaurants often require long waits to get a table. It can be nearly impossible to get a quality dim sum dining experience. I realized it was more fun and easier for people to know how to throw dim sum parties in the comfort of their own homes!

I now offer a variety of Chinese cuisine Cooking classes for people to learn how to prepare classic, quintessential dishes from stir-frying to dough kneading. There is a wide selection of dim sum dishes to try, and since most dishes are steamed, it’s delightfully easy to enjoy a healthy meal. A dim sum class menu includes many items and satisfies different dietary needs: Chinese BBQ pork buns, pastries, pork and shrimp shui mai, crystal dumplings (gluten-free), beef meatballs coated with sticky rice, and crispy scallion pancakes. I also pair the cooking class with Chinese dipping sauce 101 by setting up a sauce bar where I cover all the steps to prepare different sauces to accompany your dim sum dishes.

Shui Mai (“open face” dumplings) is delicious and easy to make! Steamed BBQ pork buns made by my students
Gluten-free, vegetarian crystal dumplings
Steamed stuffed shiitake mushroom bites
Baked BBQ Pork Pastry
Chinese scallion pancake is a popular street food in Taiwan. Make few and freeze them, pan-fry for a crispy crust and enjoy anytime you’d like!
How to Make Chinese Sauces 101

Ever since I began teaching classes, I receive constant lesson requests on my website from people. It has been wonderful to have students from diverse cultural backgrounds who are curious about Chinese cuisine. Some clients began learning how to prepare basic recipes because they wanted to cook more frequently at home. Others have asked to perfect their stir-fry skills as an incentive to eat more vegetables. They often end the classes happily declaring that making dim sum dishes was easier than they expected. I am so proud to see dim sum starting as a foreign tradition and becoming integral to the American food culture.

Gluten free crystal dumplings
Time to make some dumplings!

For more information on cooking classes and how you can get started on making these little buckets of happiness, check out the following link:


Time to dig in!