Hiring a Personal Chef to Cook Your Weekly Meals

If you’ve ever considered hiring a personal chef to cook for you in your home but have a difficult time picturing what that actually looks like, this should offer a little peek through that window. For those who don’t particularly enjoy cooking or find they are just too busy to bother every single day, these points that lay out the basics of having a professional do what they love and create a personal meal plan for you.

Personal Chef cook from fresh ingredients. Photo: Cooking Dolls

Meet and Greet- Meeting and chatting with your personal chef about your lifestyle helps a chef get to know you. Your chef will come to your home for a consultation to begin planning out your meals and to get acquainted with your pantry in order to get the sense of what you already gravitate towards as far as flavors and ingredients. This is also a time for a chef to check out your kitchen equipment, cookware and gadgets.

Client Questionnaire- Prior to your consultation, a personal chef may have you fill out a questionnaire to get familiar with your diet and preferred foods. If you have any restrictions or allergies, your chef is there to accommodate. Whether you’re shooting for a plan that is low-carb, dairy free, or kid friendly, your chef will listen to your needs to make a plan. Every family eats differently, and your plan can reflect your lifestyle.

Fresh Ingredients- Your chef will use quality ingredients to craft healthy, clean dishes. Sauces, dressings, and marinades will be made from scratch, cutting out the preservatives. If there are ingredients that you prefer to buy organic, your chef will stick to these standards. Get ready to taste the difference between fresh, homemade sauces and the jarred ones that line the market shelves.

Familiar Flavors, we got you covered. (Photo: Cooking Dolls )

Chef Shops for You- Generally, the chef will do the grocery shopping for fresh ingredients for the meals and use pantry items and dried goods from the clients. Many clients also provide their own proteins if they should have interest or loyalty to specific purveyors or farms. Your rotating meals can introduce you to new ingredients and cooking styles paired with the familiar staples you already have in your pantry.

Menu Customization- Every client of a personal chef will have a different meal plan that works for them. Some families prefer consistency, meals they can count on to be the same every week. Other clients request no repeats for a full month. Your chef also would help you with special diet program such as Whole 30, Gluten Free or foods for diabetes as eaters identify their special needs.

Your Portions- Portions prepared for each meal will reflect the amount of people being served. This way, there is no waste and meals are portioned out to be healthy and balanced. That being said, if your chef made you a hearty greens salad that is now the new love of your life, say so! Your chef can always prepare more of the dishes you love.

Mediterranean grill ( Photo: Cooking Dolls)

Explore New Foods- Personal chef services offer a fantastic way to explore new foods without having to go to the store to hunt down exotic ingredients or pay tons of money at a restaurant. It is possible to taste cuisines inspired by other countries in the comfort of your own home. Conveniently, personal chefs are more than happy to help you expand your tastes.

Explore Ethnic Foods: Massaman curry, Ginger Carrots Coconut Soup, Sweet Potatoes Enchiladas (Photo: Cooking Dolls)

The Eaters Have Spoken- Personal chefs want you to truly enjoy the food you eat. They want to share their love of food with their clients, and there’s no greater success than knowing this has been achieved. Here are just a few snippets of what the clients have to say.

“My kids eat most of it and my husband and me got to eat just one bite.”

“My son ask you to make the rice noodle with beef every week and he really does eat it all… “

“I am glad you cover the food or put them in fridge, I am afraid my cat would steal it.”

Grilled Salmon is a classic Pacific Northwest Dish loaded with nitruites ( Photo: Cooking Dolls)

These are just a few points that may arise if you are considering to hire a personal chef. Hopefully, you now have a more concise vision of what it may look like to have a personalized meal plan. Maybe, you are now able to envision yourself starting your morning with a thick slice of cheesy quiche, a lunch box that hit the spot, or finishing your day with your loved ones sharing seared salmon fillets with fresh dill and a peppery arugula salad, fantastic meals you did not have to throw together nor slave over.