Week 4: Sharing a Meal

On the importance of family…

Each Sunday, my wife and I prepare, cook and eat a meal together — intentionally. Every Friday, I’ll be sharing our experience here in this space. I want to see the growth that will come in our marriage because of this. I hope you enjoy our story. You can find last week’s post here.

As we sat around the table at Evan and Jamie’s house, I was overwhelmed by thankfulness.

I thought back to the driveway basketball games and the one-on-one baseball. Now we were sharing dinner at a table together with our wives. And Evan owns a house! And he put in the floors himself!

Sarah and I were on vacation last week, so Sunday dinner took on a bit of a different look. We still cooked a meal together, but we just had some company this time.

The chicken chili was cooked in Evan and Jamie’s crockpot. We ate the salad out of their bowls and used their utensils. We sat on their chairs around their table at their home.

We cooked the meal, but it literally would not have been possible without them and their support. As we continued to eat, I was again overwhelmed with thankfulness.

For my family.

Sarah and I have a great marriage. I love my wife more than anyone. She is amazing. She encourages me and pushes me. She makes me laugh and she’s with me when I cry. She loves me for who I am. She points me toward God.

Obviously, our marriage is first and foremost about us. Marriage takes work. It hasn’t taken long for me to realize that. Sarah and I are a team and we need to work together.

And family support is so key in that.

Both Sarah and I have absolutely amazing families. They have our backs. They love us. They give us advice and they listen to us. They spend time with us.

They share meals with us. We wouldn’t be where we are without our families. To them we say…

Thank you.

Thank you for reading. We really appreciate it! Sarah and I wish you the best as you enjoy simple moments with those you love.

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