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Letter sent on Aug 16, 2016

The 5 Most Popular Cooking With Sarah Posts

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all enjoying summer as it (sniffle) winds down. Sarah and I have been quite busy, but we’ve also been so blessed to find some downtime to spend together. As we’ve had time to sit back and reflect on Cooking With Sarah, we can’t help but be absolutely blown away by how amazing you all are. We just passed 1,500 followers on the publication, which is still hard to believe! Since some of you may be new to the group, we thought it might be nice to see where we’ve been. It’s been quite a ride so far! So, with that, here are the 5 most read posts from Cooking With Sarah…

  1. Recipe 6: Brinner, Y’all! — In this recipe, Sarah shows you how we made breakfast…for dinner. Our meal included banana pancakes, bacon and eggs. Check out the recipe and try it yourself!
  2. Week 1: Enjoying Simple Moments — This is where it all started. We decided that we wanted to start spending more intentional time together when we weren’t just staring at our phones. So we started cooking together. And we found that simple moments hold great power and even greater joy.
  3. Welcome to Cooking With Sarah — We want everyone who comes to our publication to feel at home. Like they’ve just come in from a long, hard day at work to find a piping hot meal on the table. We want you to feel welcome. This post explains the heart behind our publication, so that everyone is on the same page. We want to help others experience the joy of simple moments shared with those you love.
  4. Week 3: Chopping and Mixing — When you’re cooking, there’s always another way to help. That’s a valuable lesson to learn early on in marriage, and I saw that lesson in action this week. Sometimes, cooking also involves getting your hands dirty. Oh, I saw that too!
  5. Bonus Recipe #5: Strawberry Dump Cake — You. Have. To. Try. This. Sarah’s Strawberry Dump Cake is quite possibly the best dessert I’ve ever had. It was amazing! You can check out the recipe above and try making it yourself. I highly recommend it!

Whether you’ve been following along this whole time or you’re new to the publication, I encourage you to go check those posts out. It’s amazing to see where we started and now where we are. That’s all because of you! Without you reading these posts, we would not be here. So thank you so much! We appreciate you more than we can express. We wish all of you the best as you enjoy simple moments with the ones you love.

— Aaron and Sarah Charles

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