Week 21: Cauliflower Crust Pizza

Our attempt to make our favorite food a little healthier…

Each Sunday, my wife and I prepare, cook and eat a meal together — intentionally. Every Friday, I’ll be sharing our experience here in this space. I want to see the growth that will come in our marriage because of this. I hope you enjoy our story. You can find last week’s post here.

The blender whirred to life as it pulverized the helpless pieces of cauliflower. I stood over the vegetable massacre with my finger squarely placed on the power button — total control. I stopped the madness long enough to shake the slashed cauliflower bits before restarting the blender in all its glory. Had to get just the right consisten…

“Hold on, it’s not blending right,” came my wife’s voice from behind me. “Let me take a shot.”

Well, I guess I didn’t have total control.

We were creating the mixture for what would become our very own cauliflower crust. Pizza is one of our favorite foods. Scratch that, you can pretty much put it right up there at the top. We love pizza.

Pizza has always been a favorite of mine. I mean, who doesn’t like pizza? But when Sarah and I got married, I thought her gluten intolerance meant the end of my pizza days.

Au contraire.

In reality, it opened my eyes to a whole new realm of pizza options. Sure, I still enjoy a good deep dish pizza packed with as much gluten as you can imagine. But I’ve also found that there are a lot of fabulous gluten free pizzas out there. Sarah was the one who opened my eyes.

Fortunately, our local grocery store has gluten free frozen pizzas. Often, when we don’t know what we’re doing for dinner, I’ll pick one up on my way home from work.

This particular week, we were trying to figure out what to cook on Sunday. We were drawing a blank until Sarah got the bright idea — we’d try making a healthier version of pizza. We figured we’d give it a shot to see how it worked.

That’s been one of my favorite aspects of this whole Cooking With Sarah experience — how it has pushed us to try new things. We come up with the ideas together and we try them together. Have they all been major hits? Well, actually, we haven’t made anything yet that I’ve just absolutely hated. But, yes, there are ways we could’ve improved a few recipes.

But we tried it. Together. That’s what counts.

So we decided on a spinach & feta cheese pizza with cauliflower crust…and away we went.

Sarah made the crust mixture while I sliced up the spinach and feta cheese. She was pretty focused, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt if I snuck a few bites of cheese. :)

Once the crust mixture was complete, she rolled it out onto a pan. I’ve got to be honest — I was a little worried that the crust wouldn’t hold well. I thought it’d be too crumbly. But the only way to know was to try.

She rolled it out and, much to my surprise it looked like…actual pizza crust! I was quite impressed. Sarah did an amazing job.

Now if only I had done likewise with the sauce…

Sarah was kind enough to give me the job of putting on the pizza sauce. Now…I like sauce. Lots of it. So I spread it on liberally. I figured the spinach and cheese would even out the taste. When Sarah came to put the toppings on, I noticed a pause as she looked at the sauce. I knew what that meant. I handed her the spatula to let her spread it out some more.

We put the pizza in the oven and waited to hear that timer ding.

If the crust looked unbelieveable being rolled out in the pan, the taste was on another level. My first bite into that crunchy crust was…well, it was just like eating a regular piece of pizza! To me, that’s about as high a compliment for food as I can give. Sarah still felt like there was a little too much sauce. Maybe I did go just a bit crazy with it. But, hey, you live and learn, right?

I guess that’s what this week did for me — highlight the truth of that old adage. You DO live and learn…with one caveat. You have to be willing to try new things. Open yourself up to new experiences and new people. Put a new spin on your favorite food. You get the idea.

I’m just thankful that I have such an amazing partner to share the living and the learning with. There’s no one I’d rather make pizza with than you, Sarah.

Oh, and I promise to go easy on the sauce next time. :)

Thanks for reading! We really appreciate it. While you’re here, Sarah recently started the Cooking With Sarah Instagram. If you’re on Instagram, we’d love to connect with you! Just click the link below. It’s one more way to highlight the power of simple moments…

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