Cooksnaper contest of the month

Cookpad is the biggest recipe community platform in the world! And because our mission is make everyday cooking fun, we added special features that you cannot find in any other cooking websites. Among these great features, discover the “Cooknsap”. Reason why we should send the Cooksnap after Trying a Recipe is that :

  1. Say THANK YOU! It is a way of thanking the author through the photo.
  2. Your Cooksnap gives an incentive to other cooks to try it as your photo adds credibility to the recipe! “If someone else cooked it, liked it and sent the photo, why don’t I try it as well.”
  3. It’s a way to share your kitchen and good ideas with everyone. Also, sharing what changes you made in the recipe, gives more ideas to the author and other cooks of the Community.
  4. With your photo, you have added your stamp to the recipe, and sent it with your love.
  5. And you’ll always have all the Cooksnaps in your “photossection to see what recipes you prepared, cooked and liked to show your friends later.

How to participate:

  1. Just send a cooksnap to recipe author !!

How to win:

  • The player who share the most Cooksnap is the winner

How to add a Cooksnap:

  • Search for the recipe you want to prepare
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the recipe page
  • Press on the Orange button “Cooksnap”
  • Choose your recipe photo that you have prepared
  • Don’t forget to add a comment and thank the cook

More detail about Cooksnap

Come to Cookpad to share your cooksnap ;)

Good luck!