Posting a recipe on Cookpad ZA

Are you registered as a valued recipe author with us on our website or app? Or do you love sharing your recipes in the hopes of inspiring many others? Cookpad is the perfect community for you to join! :) We provide a unique and personalized service tailor-made to your cooking challenges and concerns, where you can feel free to document your cooking journey with so many like-minded home-cooks and foodies.

Not sure how to post? Don’t fret we’ve got you covered! Simply visit the Cookpad ZA website or download the app from either the App Store or Google play store, register your account and sign up. Once you have an account with us, using either your google, any other email address or your Facebook account to sign up, no other details are required from you, and it is perfectly secure. Once you have an account, cook any meal you wish and share the recipe on your Cookpad profile by clicking on the button ‘write a recipe’, then upload a photo of your original dish right at the top of the page, add the title of your recipe then a brief story about what or who inspired the dish. Add your each ingredient in a separate line, followed by the next section which is the method, space out the method by steps, example (step 1: heat oil in a large pan and fry onions, step 2: add mushrooms and sauté for 5 minutes)

When you have added all of the steps for recipe, you may finish your recipe off with a photo allocated to each step, or just one photo of the finished product is needed. And there you have it! Your first recipe submitted with Cookpad ZA! :) all that’s left to do is to click the ‘share’ button when you are done to share your amazing recipe on social media with your family and friends, to uphold your masterchef of the family title! :)

Did you know: there’s a nifty little feature at the bottom of each recipe page that looks a little something like this:

At Cookpad we call this a ‘Cooksnap’ this is where you like another recipe author’s recipe so much that you recreate it, take a photo of it and share the photo with a short comment about the dish by clicking on the ‘share your Cooksnap’ button. And just like that you’ve shared your first Cooksnap with another author and maybe even made a new friend or two! :)

Make everyday cooking fun! :)

Cookpad ZA Team.