Weekend Menu Inspiration.

Welcome to our first series of notes! Specifically designed to give you inspiration for meal ideas, tips and tricks for cooking, keep you informed about Cookpad South Africa and to help you solve any cooking challenge you may have.

Here is a great selection of meal ideas for dinner tonight and for the rest of the weekend. All recipes can be found on Cookpad ZA on the respective recipe author’s profile. Do let us know which recipe you liked and take a photo of your dish to show the respective author just how tasty their dish is. At Cookpad we call this a ‘Cooksnap’, create the dish, go back to the bookmarked recipe on the recipe author’s page at the bottom there is a button ‘share your cooksnap’ click on the button and share your photo and comment. https://cookpad.com/za

We welcome all suggestions for this series and we would love for you to get in touch with us.

Follow the link on our page to sign up and access all of these great recipes! https://cookpad.com/za

Make everyday cooking fun! :)