A weekend idea to see Bristol now and then

Starting from Bristol Museum & Art Gallery

Bristol Museum & Art Gallery is located next to Bristol university’s Wills Memorial Building Tower, the landmark tower of Bristol city. It’s an admission free.

There are lots of exhibits and for you to time travel, some old maps of Bristol and it might be inspiring. You would know which streets or parks have been remaining unchanged for long and which are new. It’s like time travel.

How the city Bristol has been developed. Top-right is the oldest and newer in clockwise.

You might also be interested in finding some paintings by Bristol schoolartists. Thanks to them we can think of the Bristol of about 200 years ago.

Francis Danby is one of leading Bristol school artists. Thanks to ARTUK, you can find many of his artworks, and some are scenes which “Bristolian” can quickly tell where they are captured.

Paintings tell the past, did you know that big turtles were traded in the town?

Samuel Jackson, the other Bristol school artist, captured the moment. You can find the boatload of turtles by the pier and a man carrying one on his head in the painting. They are big.

The Clifton Suspension Bridge was opened in 1864 slightly after the Bristol school artists were very active, so mainly we don’t see the bridge in their paintings. Then, it is an interesting fact that Samuel finished the picture in 1840 and included Suspension Bridge.

It’s fun to feel the life of people in the past, isn’t it? What would you explore?

Let’s walk, run or bike to the current scene!

You may want to visit the current scenes after watching some masterpieces.

For instance, where Francis captured is about 15 min bike ride from the museum.

Google map shows the route by car, but it is 15 min by bike.
Not exactly the same position but close.

The Route 41 is an excellent pathway alongside the river, opposite side of Clifton; you can enjoy walking, running or bike ride. Take this 41 from the place above photo was taken, down the river you can see calm, quiet vast rural scenery.

Why don’t you put yourself in the history, compare the past and now in Bristol by your ways?

Have a great weekend.