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5 Cloud Servers You Need to See Before You Die

A review of the 5 hottest cloud servers on the market.

The Cloud server is the latest hot technology in serving web applications, allowing better means of scaling as your project grows its user-base and functionality. And the great part about it is that it’s everywhere.

If you’re not in The Cloud yet, don’t even fucking talk to me.

Once you have a budget and a rundown of what your server needs are, the hardest part then is to pick what service. There are so many Clouds out there, so here are the five hottest ones we here at CNN have researched with reasons as to why it may or may not be right for you.

This Cloud Server
  1. This Cloud Server

This Cloud Server is good for users who do not need much cloud. Perhaps you are running a small application that does not require a database. Because the clusters are quite far apart, you do not have to worry about other people’s cloud servers (OPCS) interfering with your performance.

This Other Cloud Server

2. This Other Cloud Server

This Other Cloud Server allows larger applications because its service is more spread out. As it is closer to the ground, data gets to your users much faster than the other options on the market.

Another Cloud Server

3. Another Cloud Server

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That Cloud Server

4. That Cloud Server

If you are an enterprise company, like us at CNN, you may need the whole Cloud all at once. That Cloud Server gives you the whole Cloud and it comes in different colors because you may want to run a Node server and have a LAMP stack set up all at once.

Some Other Cloud Server

5. Some Other Cloud Server

If you feel like you need to spread your application out more so that more users can access it, Some Other Cloud Server allows you to do that. The more spread out the Cloud is, though, the longer it may take to find data, so only use this service if your application has no data, like if it’s just a splash page.

Using a Cloud server is the way to go these days, even though it can be quite overwhelming to choose one and then set it up. Like with most new technologies, it’s important to just dive in and try it out, so go out and get your head in the clouds!

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