Embarking on a New Adventurous Journey

A blog I should have written two years ago.

Every day is a winding road. — Sheryl Sandburg

Facebook reminded me, today, that exactly two years ago I decided to end one journey and head off on another journey. An employment journey.

When you are a web developer with a job, you sometimes end up in situations where you are able to become a web developer with another job.

This journey is small I know, but it’s not yours, it is my own. — Jennifer Jean Schiffer

Two years ago, I decided to go on that adventure. I ended my adventure with my employer at the time, and made an agreement to go on another adventure with another employer. And here is my Medium post announcing that which has happened two years ago. Because I did not do it at the time it happened.

Life is a highway. I wanna ride it.— Tim Jobs

Change is inevitable. We learn things, We teach things, We build. We create. The industry affords us opportunities to grow. And I did that, exactly two years ago. By quitting my job and going to another job.

And here I am, announcing it to you. Congratulate me.

Jenn Schiffer is not quitting her job, she just forgot to tell you all about her new adventurous journey via blog exactly two years ago.