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How Node.js is Going to Replace JavaScript

Node.js entered the game and came out on top of the competition

Jenn Schiffer
Dec 4, 2013 · 2 min read

Everyone has been going bananas about JavaScript™ and with good reason: it’s so easy to manipulate non-secure pages with malicious JavaScript because it’s client side and has an eval function. Despite the proven fact that Java is better than JavaScript, the latter language has prevailed the Web 2.0 wars. That’s until now, though.

Until now.

Node.js is another client-side scripting language that is growing exponentially more popular as the waxing and waning moons of our majestic and unpredictable Mother Earth change. Just like when any other new language comes about, it is our obligation as web developers to choose the best one, only use the best one, and shame those who dare to do not what we do. That language is Node.js, and it has proven itself superior to JavaScript for reason(s):


NPM stands for Node Package Maid. It basically writes all of your Node for you. JavaScript doesn’t write itself, and time is money, so Node means more money because you’re not wasting time writing any of your application. Just type “npm install” and you’re done. 10x.

In a nutshell — or NODESHELL hahahah—Node.js is the new champion of programming languages. Just like NASA is pushing people away from planetary research, it’s time for us to start pushing people away from JavaScript and towards Node.

Mars colonization depends on it.

Jenn Schiffer is the Pulitzer prize-winning author of PHP is Better Than CSS. She lives in a box with her dog, Lucifer.

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