In with the New Web Technologies and Out With The Old

I wish someone told me that everything else is useless.

About three weeks ago I had begun using a new JavaScript framework called “React,” after several months of building applications in another language. I have discovered that there is not much feedback about various JavaScript frameworks on the internet, so I figured I’d bring that perspective into the conversation.

Building with React has been great–not just because it makes sense to me (having used it for a few weeks), but because I’ve been using it for a few weeks. It’s become useful to me, inherently since I’ve been using it. The other frameworks are not being used by me, so they are basically useless.

“I’ve been using it.” - Jenn Schiffer, on React

To play devil’s advocate, if I were to be using alternative frameworks, they would prove useful to me. In my anecdotal experience, though, studies I have personally generated from said anecdotal experiences would come to show that React has provided more use to myself over other alternative frameworks, at least during the past few weeks during which I have been using React instead of alternative frameworks.

I do not want this to come across as an endorsement for any specific technology, regardless of the fact that this is an endorsement for a specific technology I have been using. And I am not saying that technologies I am not using should stop being used by other web developers, although that is what I am saying.

The takeaway from all of this is:

  1. React was more useful to me individually and specifically, so why would you choose something that has not been useful to me, another specific individual, in the past three weeks?
  2. If you were to question my choices, I would simply point to the fact that I chose to use this framework and why would I choose to use a framework which would not be useful to me?

Those are the two interview questions every JavaScript developer should know.

Jenn Schiffer is considered a JavaScript web developer™ even though she wrote the most JavaScript in the past year over the past three weeks. She is also considered a writer even though she wrote the most prose in the past year over the past 10 minutes.