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Why Web Designers Are The Reason Your Parents Divorced

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  1. They’re expensive

Dad really wanted that Corvette but noooo Mom just HAD to start a blog about how she leverages her personal brand through Pinterest. She hired a web designer, now you’re an orphan.

2. They’re too slow

Mom and dad were too busy fighting to pick you up from MMA practice. They asked their web designer to pick you up, but they were so slow that you missed TRL. Now you’re an orphan.

3. They don’t know your business

Your parents run a business that sells drop shadows but the web designer only wants to do Flat Design™ and so things didn’t work out, but at least you get two birthday parties now.

4. They can disappear with your website

All that time you spent making sure your phpBB forum matched your favorite Winamp skin and now it’s gone. And you’re an orphan.