kurt vile//pretty pimpin

I can’t REALLY communicate how important this drop is. My heart is beating even thinking about the god damn importance of this track — to me, to any/every Kurt fan, and to anyone who gives a shit about contemporary music. Maybe I’m being dramatic, but fuck. I’m so excited about this song.

First of all, for anyone who — for some absurd reason — isn’t already obsessed with Philly native and indie king Kurt Vile, all you have to know is that he’s one of the most talented dudes making music today. He’s established somehow a relatable and super unique sound and style, kind of a pre-Demarco “just a guy and his guitar” chillwave one that people like me fall in love with immediately upon encountering it. I’m a sucker for Kurt. He’s a lovable mophead, and insanely talented lyricist, and he knows how to write a perfect song.

I’ve been waiting for LITERALLY years for him to put out some new music — his last album, Wakin on a Pretty Daze, came out when I was in Berlin in 2013, and that album essentially acted as the soundtrack to my six months there. Kurt has that super special “soundtracky” sound — his songs are the perfect balance of chill and contemplative that you want to be listening to when you’re in a mood, whether it’s happy or sad. Kurt isn’t ever definitively happy or sad, he’s just kind of riding the wave of life, or whatever guys like him with long hair do. This track is his way of announcing — at long last — a new album called b’lieve i’m goin’ down… that will be out in September. As you can probably tell, I literally…can’t…wait.

Unsurprisingly, the song itself is f***ing perfect. Perfect melody, perfect guitar riff, and perfect lyrics that offensively epitomize how I’ve felt all summer, and arguably for all of my lower-20s, or whatever we’re calling this phase of my life:

All I want is to just have fun…live my life like a son of a gun…

I’m so, so happy Kurt is back in action, and if this track is an accurate little splice of the album, then it’s definitely going to be a huge one.

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