Living a Healthy Life

Begin from within

It is almost impossible to overstate the importance of having a balanced mind, through which we process and experience every dimension of our lives. However, this balance doesn’t just will itself into existence. A well-rounded mental and emotional state is something to be worked on, and jealously guarded.

You might belong to the school of thought which believes; oh, I just need to do stuff, make some cool money and when alls said and done happiness follows. I might not be able to shake you off that belief, but I can promise you, you will be in for a rude awakening. Happiness can only be truly derived from within, as the product of nurturing a healthy state of mind. Here are a few specific ways to ensure you dwell in this state, irrespective of external factors.

5 Specific Ways To Maintain a Healthy Mind

1. SLEEP well enough

To function at our utmost best, we need to get enough sleep. Yes, that simple. A well rested body and mind gives us the much needed balance to move through our hectic daily motions. On a medical note, sleep deprivation can have negative effects on our brains and cognitive impairment such as confusion, memory loss and depression. For some inspiration, check out this infographic.

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2. Exercise often

Yes, this seems to connote physical health, but exercising does really help trigger the release of feel good hormones. So yeah, just do it! In addition, it sets off a positive feedback loop between physical and emotional health. Improving your physical condition through exercise would drive better emotional health which in turn drives your physical health.

3. Engage in purposeful activities

Both in and out of work, there is really no substitute to the feeling you have when you know what you’re doing gives meaning not just to your life but to others as well. Altruistic as it may sound, we actually also get our own happiness through doing this. So, find meaning in your work, volunteer for a cause you truly care about. Whatever you do, let it resonate with your deepest values.


This has several upsides, which all link back to making you healthier within. First, you wouldn’t be learning about this, if you aren’t reading. Yeah. That’s right. But more generally, reading makes you smarter, broadens your horizons, imaginations, which in turn make you feel better about yourself.

5. Interact with supportive people

To my final point, interaction with the right people is of particular importance. As social beings, it is our nature to seek interaction with others and build relationships. Without doubt, having the right kind — a strong support network — goes a long way in helping us remain balanced.

While I strongly value face-to-face contact, I equally hold a firm belief in leveraging the golden opportunities brought to our generation through technological advances. It’s never been easier to connect with people, barring physical constraints of distance. Therefore take advantage of this to connect with the right support you need from anywhere you are.

To round up, I would let you know, it’s never been easier to find the support you need for your emotional wellbeing. Cogno-Aid connects you with the best services from professionals all from the comfort of your current location.

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