The Life Enhancing Benefit of Therapy

First of all, I would like to categorically state one thing.

You don’t need to be diagnosed with mental health problems to gain the benefits of therapy.

No, you don’t. Therapy basically gives you the same benefits you get from talking to someone who really cares, e,g, family members, friends. But with a difference. A professional therapist is trained to listen deeply and help you navigate areas in your life where you might be going through a difficult situation while being blind to it.

That’s nothing to feel bad or dumb about. Everyone has blind spots. Just as you can’t see the whole 360 degrees from wherever you’re standing naturally, you can’t see it all on your own when it comes to what can be done to ensure a higher level of emotional and mental well-being.

Here comes in the extra view. While family and friends can help, just like I mentioned earlier, a trained therapist offers not just the advantage of superior listening skills and professional training, but also an avenue to totally open up and express your deepest concerns/beliefs without the extra pressure of being judged or expected to conform to the standards held up by our family and friends.

I do not say this to indict or cast aspersion on our closest people, but these concerns actually do exist, and sometimes we need an outlet. Unfortunately, a lot of people choose outlets that cause more harm than good in the long run, e.g. substance abuse, eating too much, etc, when the best option would have been to just get help from a professional.

Yes, it can be quite hard to make out time to journey down to a therapist frequently given our busy schedules. At other times, we just want to do this but also like to maintain a distance that ensures privacy. So what if these concerns could be addressed by a platform that privately connects you to the help you need wherever you are

Cogno-aid fills this gap. Connecting you securely and privately with expert therapists.

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