CSIFO Edition #7 Published on 21/9/15

Welcome to the seventh edition of ‘CSIFO.’ Almost every link in today’s post is a recent discovery. I hope you find them as enthralling as I did!

Record-Breaking Archeological Find in Africa

You may have heard of ‘Lucy,’ an ancient human who was discovered in the 70s that gave us priceless insight into our history. Now, at least 15 more individuals have been discovered in Ethiopia, an amazing discovery and one that will answer essential questions about humanity.

Big Think

Big Think is an important organization spreading information about all aspects of life. Supplied with articles and videos by authors from experts in economy to Bill Nye the Science Guy, Big Think allows you to “manage and master this universe of information.”

Break a Leg: The Sitcom

When the first episode of Break a Leg was uploaded in 2007, the term ‘web-series’ didn’t really exist. As YouTube was first gaining ground, creative groups like the one behind this series took advantage of the new medium. Inspired by the comedy of Arrested Development and the Office, Break a Leg details the making of a sitcom, and stands as an exemplary piece of early of web content that is now commonplace.

It’s History

While only getting a few thousand views per episode, It’s History is a well-produced and entertaining series that delves into a different historical subject each season, most recently Chinese history.

Primitive Technology

A simple YouTube channel run by one resourceful man details his exploration, building tools and huts from natural materials. While still a relatively new channel, it is gaining a huge amount of attention, his most recent video topping over 1.5 million views in just 2 weeks.

1918: Inside a German U-Boat

Claustrophobic, Dingy, and Dark. This illuminating photo series invokes what German soldiers it may have felt while deep beneath the surface.


The very diverse edition #7 has come to a close. This series will conclude with Edition #10, and I hope it will continue to be of interest afterwards.

Thanks for Reading.