Tang Key Ring

Easier way to keep keys on a ring

Here’s what Cool Tools reader Kerry O’Brien has to say about Tang Rings:

I have used the tang key ring for three years, after my realtor gave me one with my new condo keys. It took some sleuthing to find out what it was (thank you Facebook friends!) It is a cheap and simple key ring that enables me to put keys on and off a ring without ruining my fingernails or using any other tools to get the keys on and off (there are many internet videos showing how to use things like binder clips to get keys on and off). With the tang ring, I don’t have to spend time looking for another tool, ask someone else to get the keys off, or go back for another manicure because I’ve ruined my nail polish getting a key off the ring.

The tang key ring is superior to the carabiners and aircraft cable rings that are so beloved on this site. A carabiner is too thick for keys and very masculine. I tried the cable rings and found them really hard to open.

— review by Kerry O’Brien

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