Oh how I hate the sound of that. Now don’t get me wrong, finishing school is amazing and just makes you want to jump around and rub it in the faces of lower classmen. But when it comes down to it, you know you are scared as fuck.

Graduation means the working world, no more constant days of sleeping in or deciding when to just not go for class. “Amen! I got three me years of that nigga”!(lower classman, 2019) Lol yeah, that’s the sad reality.

Now let’s even forget about the working and hustle that that comes with finishing college. Remember your first roommate when you moved in — shout outs to Shefi. The first person you had a conversation with on move in day. Orientation week and the bonding that came with it. Your first class, Akwaaba night. All the parties, late night studying, last minute hustle to finish an assignment. How you could ease your boredom by just walking down the hall to your friend’s room. Roaming clubs, going to the movies and coming back on that damn Berekuso road, pulling up on the car park right next to the akorno truck at 7am. All your day one niggas. The tightest group of friends you would ever have, you met them in college.

You have to leave all of that behind and venture into the unknown. Cos you have now lost the shelter that college offered.

Your time together with your mains has finally come to an end. Will you even get to see half of your friends again? And the moment we wear that gown and take our degrees, the curtains will close and the show will have finally come to an end.

It’s been real guys, I hope we see each other once in a while. To the weirdest and most talented group of people I have ever met. Go rule the world. Ashesi’s class of 2016🍸