I am weird, yeah I know it. Many people call me an Oreo — someone who is white inside and black outside. Like Asem b3n kraa ni. I’m a bonafide Ghanaian from the Volta region. How much more africaness can you possibly want from me.

Anyways what was I saying, yeah so I’m weird. Most people say this because of the music I listen to. I love rock, alternative and techno. They make up more of the music on my playlist than our usual party music. Thing is I operate on extremes it’s either I’m all somber and just want to base or I’m trying to turn up and be all ratchet. Nobody understands that though. But it is fine I will continue listening to my years & years, Kygo and Stwo like that.

Then my supposed accent, see eh I don’t have one. I just watched too much tv growing up and my mum used to make me listen to phonetics CDs and stuff like that. So yeah some semblance of an accent may show up once in a while but fam it’s a tv accent so let me be please.

In the end I’m just a different kind of Ghanaian, yeah I like stuff most people don’t but it’s fine. I still watch cartoons, I like “white people” music, food that is not Ghanaian. But its all because I like to explore and I’m cool. Just learn to live with it.