Introducing EVA™ – Efficient, Versatile and Adaptable LED Downlight System for Your Modernized Home Interiors

It’s that phase in the lighting industry when traditional incandescent lights from the 19th and 20th Century are slowly phasing out with electronically driven smart LEDs taking its place. There are a number of factors behind this transformation, the most important being the massive reduction in energy consumption that results with the use of LEDs rather than traditional incandescent lights. Infact, Nick Holonyak (inventor of the first visible-spectrum LED) had predicted this transformation in a Reader’s Digest article, long back in 1963 by saying, “… as LEDs improve in quality and efficiency they are gradually replacing incandescents as the bulb of choice.” Today’s smart homes deserve such efficiency in terms of the lighting systems used which not only reduce energy consumption but are also way more cooler and durable than the traditional lights used till date. Read More

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