MaxStone Wants to Simplify the Camera Experience for Everybody…And It Succeeds and Throws in Some Extra Tricks!

As a person with interest in photography but lacking the technical knowledge, it’s a bit difficult for me to use a DSLR properly when trying to take simple photos. Throw in an attempt to set a timer to get myself in the shot and you have a very frantic individual running around like a madman trying to get everything to work properly. On more than one occasion, I’ve realized that some sort of camera remote for the shutter would cure quite a few headaches. Today, I’m happy to tell you about a little product that helps with that problem and quite a few more. It’s called the MaxStone by MaxMax, it’s red and black (my favorite color combo), and it is a fantastic little thing that has drastically improved my DSLR and smartphone experience. Read More

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