6 Multiplayer Games To Play At The Office

Guaranteed to Cause Havoc at Work 🎮

There’s nothing we enjoy more than to ‘unwind’ on a Friday afternoon with a couple of rounds of one of our favourite video games.

Surprisingly, the majority of the Cooperpress team are somewhat competitive, so we often find ourselves playing head-to-head and letting off steam. 💨

A little competition between co-workers is healthy, right? 😈 😂

Another round on Knight Squad
Here’s six games that have caused at least one of us at Cooperpress to either cry, scream, or rage quit — They may be good picks for your office too! 😇

Knight Squad 🏹

Available on: Xbox, PS4, and PC| Cooperpress Rage Rating — 😫😫😫😫😫

Knight Squad is our go-to game when everyone is in the office. There’s nothing better than playing as colourful knights, battling head-to-head through a series of mini-games like Capture the Grail, Juggernaut and our personal favourite, Last Man Standing.

Playing Last Man Standing got a little competitive and bragging rights alone wasn’t enough so we decided to start a leaderboard:

Behold the Cooperpress Knight Squad Summer Champions board 🏆

Don’t you just love the smell of defeat on a Friday afternoon?

Trials Fusion 🏍

Available on: Xbox, Xbox One, PS4 & PC | Cooperpress Rage Rating — 😫😫😫😫

Based on motorcycle trials, it’s pretty easy to grasp what you’ve got to do: Get to the end without messing up.

Simply race your opponents to the finish line, throw some nifty tricks in between jumps, but be careful not to tumble off your bike or fall behind.

You gain a score per round, so as well as a race to the finish it’s also a challenge to rack up the most points. Good luck out there!

Tricky Towers ☁️

Available on: PS4 & PC |Cooperpress Rage Rating — 😫😫😫

Think of Tetris, but with a sprinkle of magic.✨

In Tricky Towers the main goal is for the player to build a freestanding tower without it falling. You’ve got the chance to knock over your opponents too (thanks to some dastardly power-ups) as you race to the finish line.

Sound easy? Well trust me, it isn’t.

Overcooked 🍔

Available on: Xbox One, PS4 & PC| Cooperpress Rage Rating — 😫😫😫😫😫

Ok, so technically Overcooked isn’t a head-to-head game. It’s actually about teamwork, but there’s just something about it that gets our hearts racing and frustrated with each other anyway.

As a team, you’re tasked with creating dishes in a collaborative kitchen, with one person on chopping duty, another cooking, and another serving. When you can’t get the right ingredients for a burger or a clean plate it can quickly get chaotic.

Read what our Editorial Director Chris learnt from playing Overcooked here.

TowerFall ✨

Available on: Steam, PS4 & Xbox One | Cooperpress Rage Rating — 😫😫😫

This is without a doubt, one of the most frustrating games I have ever come across. TowerFall seems easy at first with it’s old school, pixel graphics when in reality it’s a tricky game.

Jump and dodge arrows from your opponent. Grab whatever you can from the treasure chest and try not to get hit on the head or it’s game over.

Once the round is over, it’s time to unleash more anger when the game rewinds and shows an instant replay of your shocking defeat.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Available on: Nintendo Switch & Wii U |Cooperpress Rage Rating — 😫😫😫

You can’t knock the classics! Mario Kart is one of those games that continues to make players cry — tripping on a banana skin and then coming second just as you come across the finish line is an all too familiar story here.

We only play Mario Kart 8 on Chris’ Nintendo Switch, so we’re restricted to two players and don’t get to play it as much. Yet, that didn’t stop our Creative Director Jess (who has never played any Mario Kart game in her life), beating long time Nintendo fan Chris in a head-to-head.

Pure red shell rage.

Toy Box Turbo 🏎

Available on: PS4, Xbox One & PC|Cooperpress Rage Rating — 😫😫😫

I think this could quite possibly be the most infuriating game on this list.

What isn’t fun about racing your friends in tiny toy cars? On a kitchen worktop, you start by popping out the toaster and have to avoid toast crumbs and condiments on your way around the track.

Like Trials, if you can’t keep up or you skid off the track, you’re out of the game, which is frustrating when you can’t keep up with your speedy co-workers.

It’s all fun and games unless you’re like myself and our Sales Director Kristina, who struggle with the fast-paced controls.

For extra laughs and frustration, I’d recommend playing as the Monster Truck.

Anyway, I hope this list provides some inspiration for your next lunch break game session.

I’d love to hear what games you play at work and if you have any recommendations tweet me @Zae_Johnson or comment below! 🎮

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