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Looking for quotes from inspirational people in tech to motivate you and see you through your day?

Be it an astute line from Grace Hopper or a sharp quip from Steve Jobs, Code Wisdom’s Twitter account has it all.

Our very own Peter Cooper first created the Twitter account back in 2011. The account started out by sharing funny or insightful programming related quotes. In the fours years since, Code Wisdom has grown considerably — reaching nearly 50,000 followers.

Now the account is ran day-to-day by our marketing ace Sam Baker. She sends out inspirational tweets on a daily basis to our growing audience.

“Running Code Wisdom is a pleasure — we’ve such a large community that’s still growing, of people who love the quotes and content we share.”
- Sam Baker

The Cooper Press team research new quotes to share, and followers also often share phrases and sayings they have found themselves and feel inspired by with us.

Recently we have also started to share relevant links on Code Wisdom to add a little variety to the page. Links shared include blog posts, infographics and articles to help better yourself as a programmer.

What next? We hope to soon hit 50k followers and keep sending out tweets featuring great quotes — including some from our followers who have made their mark in the tech space.

We would love to read any suggestions you may have!

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