We’ve Moved Offices! 🏢

“One small office for man, one leap for Cooperpress”

For a while now Cooperpress have wanted a bigger space that allowed all of our staff to work together in peace and harmony.

Up until recently, our nine staff were spread out across three separate offices — we realised it was easier to work in the same area when it came to the majority of our projects. As such, we got looking for a new space.

Our Director and Publisher-In-Chief Peter Cooper rented our very first office back in 2011:

Our very first office!

After we had found a suitable new home, we decided to move during Thanksgiving week — it’s typically a quieter time for us.

Our team were ready to roll up their sleeves and get stuck in come moving day!

Last old office selfie! 📸

In-between lifting heavy desks and packing away Peter’s vast programming library, I managed to vlog our final farewell to the original Cooperpress Headquarters! It gets emotional! 😢

Our new office is a huge improvement, with plenty of extra space and the entire team under one roof.

I’m particularly a fan of the wall which we now project games onto on a Friday afternoon. 🎮

Our Friday Afternoon games have stepped up a notch! Roll on the Cooperpress movie nights!

After a couple of weeks we’re happy to report that we’re all settled in. Our festive decorations are up and we are ready to enter 2017 on a high!

You can follow us on Instagram and Twitter for more behind the scenes look of our new office!

Take a look at what else we’re up to:

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