Introducing Serverless Status, our email newsletter on all things Serverless

Cooperpress publishes a range of weekly email newsletters, all focussed on helping developers and programmers stay informed and up-to-date.

Today, we’re pleased to announce that we’re adding one more to our growing list of publications: Serverless Status.

The free, once weekly email will focus on serverless architecture, functions-as-a-service, AWS Lambda, and other related technology.

Raymond Camden, a developer advocate for IBM will be curating the newsletter, bringing together the latest from the serverless landscape:

“I’m Raymond Camden, a developer advocate for IBM. I’m passionate about the web (and cats) and have recently become a huge fan of serverless world.
I’ve been blogging about Apache OpenWhisk primarily, but I’m really interested in how others are using serverless as well.
This newsletter will include interesting news, demos, and just plain cool stuff to help get folks excited about what serverless can offer developers.”

For those unaware of what serverless involves, here’s a helpful short introduction to the term from Mike Roberts:

Serverless Status joins our expanding list of publications, alongside JavaScript Weekly, Ruby Weekly, React Status and others.

You can sign up to receive Serverless Status at, view a sample issue or fill out the form below:

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