JavaScript Weekly celebrates reaching 150,000 subscriber milestone

Chris Brandrick
Oct 5, 2018 · 2 min read

JavaScript Weekly, an email roundup of JavaScript news and articles published by Cooperpress, recently surpassed 150,000 subscribers.

The free weekly digest was first sent out in late 2010, and quickly found a dedicated audience, growing to over 5,000 subscribers within the first six months. Now, nearly eight years later the newsletter reaches a record number of interested developers from all over the world.

📌 To celebrate this milestone, we’re giving away some of our coveted metal JS pin-badges. The first 15 to DM our JavaScript Twitter account with ‘PIN ME UP’ will grab them, so hop to it. 😁

Since the first issue, the JavaScript ecosystem has continued to grow dramatically, becoming increasingly diverse, both in methodology, and application.

We love charting this evolution, week-in, week-out and having such an outlet to share developers advice, tools, tips and creative solutions. If you’ve got something worth sharing in our newsletter then we always want to hear about it. 😀

Of course, reaching a milestone like this is always a good time to reflect and say thank you. So, whether someone who has kindly spread the word about us, a subscriber past or present or one of our sponsors — a big thank you to all of you from all of us. Oh, and a special thanks to Axel Rauschmayer for his efforts during the ‘early years’. 😉

🎉 Thank you from Peter Cooper and the team!

Not subscribed? You can sign up here:


Reflections from a rapidly growing media company in the developer space.

Chris Brandrick

Written by

Editorial Director at Cooperpress | Curator of Switch Weekly


Reflections from a rapidly growing media company in the developer space.

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