Meet our Growth & Sales Associate, Sam

The star baker of Cooper Press, interviewed while using a collagen eye mask 💁

Sam Baker came on-board as our Growth & Sales Associate during February of 2016 to lend a helping hand to our Sales Director, focus on the overall growth of the company, and to support the company’s increasing social media activity.

Sam Baker — Our Growth & Sales Associate

Since Sam’s arrival our newsletters have surpassed 300,000 collective subscribers, our social media accounts have continued to thrive, and we’ve held our very first StatusCode event!

I managed to grab Sam for a few minutes for a quick chat about life here at Cooper Press headquarters.

How did you find out about Cooper Press?

I previously worked with Kristina, our Sales Director, at the merchant service company WorldPay, and because we worked together so well, she recommended I apply for the open position of Growth and Sales Associate here at Cooper Press.

What made you want to be a part of the company?

I saw huge potential and knew I wanted to be part of the company’s future.

The work schedule suited my lifestyle and I could see that there would be many projects that I could be involved in that would be great not only for my personal growth but also for the business.

Talk us through a typical day in the office.

I arrive at the office just before 10am (AKA tea o’clock). I’ll catch up with all the emails that I’ve received overnight (mainly from other countries in different time zones) and discuss any pressing sales enquires.

A little after midday we’ll break for lunch, so I eat, catch-up with other colleagues and more often than not, play some sort of game. We used to play cards, but I kept winning and upsetting Chris.

Chris losing a lunch time game of cards….again.

For the rest of the day I continue with sales and contacting our clients. For example, this week I have been organising sponsorships for the next quarter, along with organising meetings and meet-ups for our sales trip to the U.S. later this year (for those of you who don’t know, we’re based in the UK).

What have you got planned to help with company growth?

I’ll be focusing on further developing our community and reaching out more — engaging in more online conversations with our readers and subscribers and attending more local events.

In addition to bigger picture stuff, we’re going to ramp up our giveaways and contests — for example, we recently ran a book giveaway on our JavaScript Daily Twitter account and found it to be highly successful.

Which of the company’s social media accounts receives the most exposure and interaction from the public?

One of our most popular accounts on social is @CodeWisdom (over on Twitter).

The account had been dormant for a while, so in February I started adding blog links, graphics, and plenty of quirky programming quotes. Since then we’ve watched it grow, and we recently surpassed 50,000 followers!

What role do you think social media like this can play in assisting the growth of the company?

A huge one — we gain such valuable interaction through our various social channels.

We have several ‘sister’ accounts, such as Code Wisdom, that although not directly related to any of our publications do help foster our wider community.

The conversations we have with our audiences play a huge part in the growth of the company, we love receiving feedback and having a general chit chat with them. This audience plays an important role in spreading the word to a wider number of people about what we do.

As well as helping the growth of the company, you are a busy sales woman — how has creating working relationships with our clients been beneficial to the company?

It’s been refreshing getting to know people from different cultures and countries. Kristina and I have created strong bonds with our clients and hope to build on these further (such as during our trip to New York City and San Francisco later this year).

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