Take a look at our shiny new website…

It’s safe to say that our company website was in need of a make-over.

As much as it was practical, it wasn’t particularly eye-catching or attractive — we felt that it no longer reflected the nature of the company.

The Cooperpress site had not been drastically altered since 2012, aside from minor tweaks, like listing new newsletters.

So, since a lot has changed in the past year, such as launching additional publications and growing the team, we knew it was time to make a change.

Welcome to our new site!

The refreshed site is powered by WordPress(which allows for any of the team to update the site easily), and works across a range of devices.

Sporting a refreshed look, the new site better serves both our subscribers and partners. The updated site also does a finer job of highlighting all the work we do, as we strive to keep developers informed.

What’s New

The site now features a dedicated Publications page, listing all of our email newsletters, including our latest additions React Status and FrontEnd Focus.

Each publications now features a brief bio next to their logo, including a summary of what to expect from each newsletter, the number of subscribers and a subscribe button that directs you straight to the relevant website.

Our React Status newsletter highlighted on our new website.

The information on the old website quickly became outdated due to the arrival of new members of staff. The original layout for this was rather basic, so we wanted to let everyone see the faces behind the business.

Now everyone can see who we are and how to reach us via email and Twitter.

A glimpse of the new team page.

Our Advertising page now features details on the opportunities available with us, testimonials from our sponsors AppSignal, Hired and Stormpath, and more

Kind words from our sponsors.

As well as giving an insight into the Sponsorship Opportunities and what we have offer. We’ve added a link to our booking system to help our sponsors see what spaces we have available. Through this page our audience can get a direct link to our latest media kit as well as get in touch with any inquiries.

What Else is New?

Old vs New

We’ve got a bundle of new and interesting additions to the refreshed website. This includes more snaps (and GIFs) from inside Cooperpress Headquarters.

A Twitter feed at the bottom of our website and links to the rest of our social networking handles. Since we have started to blog on a regular basis it was only natural we add an external link to our Medium page.

We love receiving great feedback and snapshots of our stickers from our happy followers. We thought it would be great to showcase their photos on our website! You can read our sticker story here.

The overall look of our new website is exactly what we were going for, bright colours and up-to-date with the times.

Don’t take our word for it, go check it out for yourself. 
Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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