The 2016 JS Awards are Now Open

For the community to nominate and celebrate the people and projects that defined 2016


We’re thrilled to announce the 2016 JS Awards, a new way to recognize innovation, creativity and talent from across the JavaScript landscape.

The awards, created initially for JavaScript Weekly readers, are free to enter and open to all. Nominations are now open, across eight categories:

  • Innovative Company of the Year
    Celebrating a company that has innovated or made significant contributions within the JavaScript world.
  • Library of the Year
    This award goes to the most recognized or influential JavaScript library.
  • Framework of the Year
    The JavaScript framework most appreciated by the community in 2016.
  • Tool of the Year
    The year’s most popular and trusted JavaScript tool.
  • Book of the Year
    Showcasing your favorite publications from 2016, both print and digital.
  • Best Educational Experience
    Recognizing the most helpful tutorials, videos, online courses and tools.
  • Best Hardware Project
    Recognizing the most ambitious JavaScript hardware project of 2016.
  • JavaScript Legend
    Celebrating an individual’s contribution and special achievements within the JavaScript space, either technical or in terms of organizing community efforts or projects.

You can put forward your nominations for the next two weeks, with submissions closing on Friday, November 25. Winners will be announced in late December, following consultation with our judging panel.

This year’s judges include Kyle Simpson, Tracy Lee, Todd Motto, Kent Dodds, Peter Cooper, Leah Silber and Erin McKean amongst others. We greatly appreciate their willingness to help curate the final nominations.

Editor of JavaScript Weekly and co-ordinator of the JS Awards, Peter Cooper explains:

“We’re launching the JS Awards as a small way to give some extra recognition to the people behind the JavaScript community’s latest and greatest projects, no matter how big or small.
With a range of unique award categories, we want the JS Awards to pay tribute to a wide, and diverse range of individuals from across the JavaScript space, based on nominations and votes from both our readers of JavaScript Weekly and the community as a whole. We also have a group of great curator judges to help ensure it’s not just a popularity contest.
Although in our first year, we hope the community will see the JS Awards as a unique opportunity to recognize exceptional and innovative work, effort or ingenuity, and as a way to encourage one another to highlight the great work done by their peers.”

How to enter

Entries to the first JS Awards can be made online at
The final deadline to submit nominations is November 20, 2016.


The JS Awards are now closed for new entries, thank you to everyone who submitted their favourites to win! We will keep you all updated on the next steps through both the website, and our twitter.

Follow the @JSAwards on Twitter for further updates.

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